Apr. 12th, 2011 05:12 pm
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Today is a pretty good day. It did start off all wrong, though. I had this weirdass dream that kind of stuck with me. I was on my honeymoon and our tall was this huge building with a view of Central Park. They'd arranged a suite for us on the roof (there were like little condos on there and it was hard to tell where Central Park began and where the garden on the roof did). For some weirdass reason my family was present at the suite. I'm going with it that they were making sure I didn't run off as the marriage was kind of arranged. To top it off, the hotel was hunted and management would kill off anyone staying at the top floor. There was one window I kept trying to close the curtains to, but somehow they wouldn't stay closed and you'd see the ghosts of another couple running around and being chased down by something.

Yeah, I have no idea. Somehow things got less creepy when I started making out with the reluctant husband... Seriously, no clue. No wonder I was fucking tired when I woke up. (Though the whole being up too late might have something to do with that as well.)

Aaaaaaaaaanyway. Things turned up after that. I got called into a meeting with my direct boss, his boss and someone from HR to tell me that I'm up for promotion. There will be an interview and possibly some tests (they couldn't tell me for sure either), but they recommended me and my chances are pretty good. Normally, unless I seriously stuff things up, it should turn out okay. I'm nervous about jinxing, though. OMG! This would mean more money, bigger bonuses and possible a car...

I need to get my driver's license, but this could considerably help with the loan for the house. I hope. More moneys, please!
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God, I think I can turn my dream into a book or movie. It was pretty full on.

Dream ramble )

*flails and uses icon that could have been from the dream*
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Last day of my week off. This is sad. I finished watching everything from Life. Oh series, how I love thee. Except for the part where omg, people kissing wrong people. Like seriously wrong. *eyes them both* I should upload some icons.

I had another fun dream that started off in a lab. I have no clue what the experiments were about, but suddenly the alarm went off because there was some nuclear substance released or something. Everyone had to grab the oxygen masks and wait it out. Then it turns out it wasn't the experiment that went wrong, but aliens had invaded and hit the facility. They had released several of their ships above the city while their mothership was in orbit and doing a count down to blow everything up. Cue trying to destroy the attacking ships and going into orbit to invade the mother ship. We were making our way in when my mom woke me up. Doh!

Cut to hide whining about weight )

Oh and in added new. From December 24-31 I shall be in Boulder, Colorado. Mwahahahaha.


Jul. 4th, 2008 10:28 pm
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Before I start my post on my weirdass dream I had earlier this week, I just want to note that I want Diablo III NOW! Even if it's true and it does look a lot like WoW (*frowns at Blizzard). I wants it!

Weird ass dream )

Sadly, I never did find out how the dream finished as I woke myself up. It just so damn freaky.
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Stupid construction workers were at it again this morning, I think I'm having more noise in my room now that they're working higher up in the street as it is more towards my side of the house.

I didn't like my dream much. I was living in some sort of dorm together with the rest of my family. My uncle, aunt and cousins were over for the holidays. There was something weird going on, though, I knew my mom was hiding something and I thought I knew what it was. Only after a lot of cajoling she said that she was HIV+ and it threw me.

Not a cool dream. *scowls at it*

In other news, it's storming.
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My dream tonight featured cutting up people. I either read too much Fullmetal alchemist or shouldn't have watched two eps of Bones in one evening. Let me just say that I was chopping them up in self defense.

And while we're at it, I want to ramble a bit about Fullmetal alchemist ).

In conclusion. I need Hawkeye and Mustang icons.

And I know I've done this already, but it's a fun meme and my fandoms and ideas keep changing so it never gets old:

Name a fandom you know I know and I'll tell you:

1. The first character I first fell in love with
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now
3. The character everyone else loves that I don't
4. The character I love that everyone else hates
5. The character I used to love but don't any longer
6. The character I would shag anytime
7. The character I'd want to be like
8. The character I'd slap
9. A pairing that I love
10. A pairing that I despise


Dec. 8th, 2006 01:44 pm
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I had an odd dream. Well, I had two but the first one I only remember the huge lobster in the aquarium which insisted on crawling out and pinching me. So second dream, I went to this fantasy/scifi con with a group of people and for some reason we thought it was a good idea to steal a sword. Major drama and this whole force of... something invades to start looking for the thief. Which turns into a genocide. We manage to sneak away into an alleyway, but we get ambushed by archers. A lot of people die except two freakishly big dwarves. I follow the dwarves into the church yard while the attackers follow close behind.

Apparently one of the dwarves is the leader of this huge army and we fight off the invaders. Wave after wave attacks and the survivors of the last wave always join our ranks against the new wave. Then finally, we reach the last invasion. We're with very few and the losses are huge, but we pull through... only to find one other wave waiting for us. We're with so few, we hardly stand a chance and the first casualty in our lines is our leader. We keep fighting and fighting until the waffles (yes, part of the artillery were waffles) are cut into pieces and I'm declared new leader.



Aug. 23rd, 2006 12:36 pm
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I dreamt about Lex Luthor. I'm pretty sure there was smut. Good dream.


Jul. 28th, 2006 12:42 pm
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Sometimes dreams leave you more tired than you were before you went to bed.

Read more... )


Jun. 16th, 2006 01:09 pm
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Wow, it's weird dreams time. Imagine the end of the world. No seriously, there was an invasion of bug like creatures and I think I was Cameron, possibly. I was definitely male and my love interest looked like Claudia Black so it makes sense!

Anyway, end of the world. We had a hideout in a series of caves, but on our last scavenger mission, we got caught. We knew they were going to ambush us so we picked up all our things and made a run for it. After a day of being on the run, we made it to the remnants of what used to be a town. There were other refugees about, trying to scavenge stuff and hopefully find fuel. Sadly enough, there was no fuel left and we'd have to leave the car we had behind and continue on foot.

In the meanwhile I was a little bit caught up with the CB like person being mad at me. Apparently we'd been arguing for weeks now and I'd reached a point of giving up on her. When I realised that I'd forgotten the maps and some other things that had an insane value to me only, I decided I needed to go back and retrieve it from the caves. CB like person got pissed at me for suggesting this as the caves would be crawling with enemies by now. After some long arguing, she confessed that she didn't want me to get hurt. So there was hugging and kissage, but for some insane reason I had to do this. I'd take the car as far as the last of the fuel would let me (and hopefully I'd find more soon) and promised I'd catch up with them in a day or two.

Cue for goodbyes and I took off (don't ask me why the car suddenly looked like a bike). I made it back to a small outpost before I ran out of fuel. Sadly enough, they didn't have fuel there either, but there were a lot of people hanging about looking for work. After some discussing, we came to a deal and they'd help me get back into the caves. Then this weird girl insisted on coming with us. I didn't trust her at all, knew she was going to screw me over but she could provide us fuel and weapons so I agreed.

We were just about to set off when I got woken up by the telephone. Grrrr. But telephone was good as I've got a jobinterview next week. Yay!


Jun. 15th, 2006 12:55 pm
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I had a weirdass dream, it's really hard to make sense of. It started out as a view on a radar or maybe even a computer game. I'd stolen intel from an enemy country, took my stealth plane back to my country and a squadron of fighters took out anyone pursuing me. We set down, but apparently they were still trying to catch me so I had to go underground.

This basically led to me running for most of the dream. I had some friends with me and we managed to get out of most scrapes, but then we ended up on a beach and they tried to pull me into the water with divers (some of them camouflaged as weeds). I got away again, but could only run towards the water, knowing there were more in there. One of my teammates had been sick for a while and Zhaan (yep, suddenly Zhaan was there taking care of the sick teammate who was looking more and more mummy like with every passing second) let her go in the water when she stopped breathing. That's the last image I have, the corpse sinking into the weeds while I know I'm being grabbed and am about to die too.

Yay Geneva

May. 12th, 2006 12:50 pm
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Got to get ready to go to the dentist in a few. I just want to report that I'm kinda disturbed by the dream I had.

I was Cameron and we were in Japan with SG-1 for some reason. Then we got caught and there were a whole heap of other american war prisoners. They made us walk miles to get to the prison camp and along the way we passed through this village where all of a sudden a guard decided that half of us were infected by some highly deadly and infectious disease. So they randomly started shooting people. The killed about 3/4 of the prisoners. I managed to duck and get in contact with a kid that lived in the village and begged him to warn someone about what was going on.

Strangely enough, that helped. The kid believed me and they let us free. Then a few months later they set up a memorial for the people that got killed, but they were still keeping up the plague thing. Which pissed Teal'c off like whoa.

And then I woke up.
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I hate waking up with a headache or having dreams that leave you exhausted when you open your eyes because you've been too busy running around so that you didn't really get rest.

Cut for length omg )

And then my cat woke me up. Woe.
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My last dream involved giants. Yes, you read that right. Giants. Once upon a time there were two giants who protected the humankind from the evil giants. Which is what happened, the evil giants attacked and the two friendly giants defended us. Then the two giants started explaining that they have the power to use a particular scream that would be able to destroy anyone who heard it. One of the giants asked us if we wanted to know what words he'd use with the scream and we automatically flinched and stuck our fingers in our ears to not hear it. This got the giants pissed off as it showed that we didn't trust them and they'd been nothing but kind. As revenge they'd really destroy us with that cry.

Fingers in my ears, I ran to hide inside this villa of the family of my boyfriend (I always have a better lovelife in my dreams). I was inside this one room and there was a stickbug under the bed which suddenly jumped up and turned into a grasshopper and jumped away. I chased after it and ended up in a wedding rehearsel for the oldest brother of the family. My boyfriend was there too but apparently my relationship was a secret so I wasn't too happy when he gave me flowers (even if it was cute). Definitely wasn't happy when I realised he cut it off from the flower bouquet he'd gave to his mom which now had a couple of stems in it at some point and would tip her off. So I had to throw away the flowers so she couldn't notice and he got all pouty. *sighs* Boys. I think that's when I woke up.

Conversation going on in my head with Cameron )

Computer's still crashing. I now am back to my first suspicion that the files from XP are having a fight with the fight from ME on my other harddrive. Not sure how to fix this.
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So I had this weird dream. Possibly two as the latter part seems very unrelated. Anyway, part one had me living in some apartment downtown. Uh huh, very nice until I ended up with a stalker. Not just any stalker of course, that's not how my dreams work. This guy was a mini giant, we're talking a Hargid and a half. He's also not very subtle about his stalking because apparently it involves attacking you with this huge chain that cuts right through the skin. And I had to try to keep him off using the biggest knives I could find in my house.
Oh yeah, lots of fun. I finally fled into a public place where he squashed some other people and the cops were really late (but not that they could do much). I don't remember how I got away from him, wasn't pretty though as he did catch me with the chain a few times.

And then suddenly I was working on some tall ship and we were in the middle of a battle reenactment. Wow, some of the other ships were huge. They were from all eras and cultures and I'm sure some of them were pure fantasy (hello, three level chinese galley). We got boarded by another ship and started fighting off the invaders, which led to accidently throwing the captain of the invaders overboard. Oops, slight panic about killing a guy in a fake fight. Apparently he wasn't dead, though, as he shouted from help from the water. Not that it helped as our captain gave the order to move away and we kinda sailed over him.

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Wow. Weird nightmarish dream. I'm not exactly sure how it all started. There was this invasion by frogs. Yes, frogs. Not like the ducks in FH, though. These frogs were poisonous and anyone they bit or touched got liquified. So me and a group of people (strangely enough I had one of Tex' energy swords) found a shelter to hide from the frogs. In the basement there was an entrance to the sewer system that would probably keep us safe until things were over. As soon as we realised the frogs were getting closer, we moved in there.

After a while of hiding out (it did seem we didn't get followed), a few of us moved back to the surface to see what was going on. The sewers ended up in the metro system which was surprisingly still operating and a lot of people were going about their lives as if nothing happened. It seemed like a good sign until we came to the last terminal and one person got on board, but there was another person behind him who had gotten infected. The metro left just in time and at the next station, we got out. The plan was to go back to the sewers and report, but we got distracted. It seemed that due to the chaos the frogs had caused, some crazy people were trying to grab for power. Insane, crazy people who really shouldn't be in power.

Which strangely enough led to us all needing a drink. We picked out a cafe which was very busy near the sewer entrance and some of the people there treated us to drinks. Until panic started inside and frogs came from about everywhere. Retreat the only option, we went right back to the sewer system. When we entered, though, it was obvious that the frogs had gotten there too. See, not only did they liquify people. Sometimes they put eggs or something in the remains. Those would hatch for a certain amount of time and then these corpses with just a thing layer of rotting flesh would come out of the eggs.

I think we were with four when we entered the sewers and everything was dark. One of us had a lamp and was shining it around when we started noticing corpses everywhere. Just bones and nothing else. So we moved deeper and ran into heaps and heaps of eggs ready to get hatched at any time now. Which we of course had to destroy, because otherwise they would hatch and would follows down into the sewers and big mess. Then, while we're trying to destroy them, the first eggs go open and we get attacked by the corpses. They're easy to kill, but if you get swamped by them... Yeah, not good.

And then I woke up. Meep.
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Up early this morning. Needed to go down to the police station to get a certificate to prove my good conduct and common decorum. Of course, after yesterday's post I'm not so sure if I should believe it. *coughs*

Had a dream involving horses. Three of them. They were tied to a fence with these ropes and I was scared they would hang themselves on it if they got spooked so I untied them and chased them into the field. Only to have the owners (friends) shout at me as apparently there was no fence at the other side of the field. So I had to go try and catch the horses again. I found one and then a pony and it had two young.

I'm sure this supposedly has a meaning, I'm just not sure what.

Can I have my bed now? I'm so frakking tired, but I need to study.

*glees over Kara and Anders having foreplay on FH*
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The crew I belong with )

I had this weird dream where I was in India and I was in a relationship with this girl and in order to get her out of the country, I need to marry her. It was odd and it's all so fuzzy in my head, but the weird part is that for some reason I was suddenly Cameron at the end of the dream. Then I started to freak out because that meant that I had just cheated on Vala. Which was bad as she just agreed on having condomless sex.

*looks confused*

Studying today went very slow. I had a hard time concentrating, but I did get everything finished that I wanted to get done today.

I want more Aeryn icons.
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I think I used up all my brains yesterday in a debate between Cameron, Tara and Angelus on slavery. It's like I had nothing left in the morning, which would explain the crack [livejournal.com profile] coltsbane managed to get out of me in a Major K! and Camboy adventure fic. And this probably doesn't make any sense unless you read fandomhigh.

*tries to come up with a different topic*

Oh, I dreamt I was going to visit Hwa in the US again. The train station here in town had turned into an airport. Although, I still ended up taking a train to Atlanta. So let's imagine that they actually build a tunnel underneat the Atlantic. How long would a train take to get there?

Anyone know good stripping music?


Sep. 8th, 2005 12:08 pm
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Dream )

Isn't it ironic? )

I would also like to mention for the record that while I understand that evacuation thousands of people with their pets is probably a pain in the ass, I think they should let these people take their pets with them anyway. Can you imagine losing everything and then being asked to leave your pet behind to DIE? Pets are like family, these people probably have lost a lot of dear ones already. I know it will be a pain in the ass to take care of all these pets, but haven't they lost enough?


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