Aug. 2nd, 2009 12:07 am
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1. The Harry Potter movie was disappointing. They left out a whole lot so they could insert superficial, non-sense making scenes.

2. Huh. Stargate Voyager starring Robert Carlyle? Really? (Yes, I climbed out from under a rock.)
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I keep trying to update and I keep failing at it. So I'm just going to kick my own ass and do it instead of being avoidy.

Work is doing good. I'm well within the code complete deadline with everything, though I'm sure I'll get some bugs to fix, but then that's pretty normal. This week they announced the positions that are open internally in the company and people get to apply for it. I glanced at it, but realised that it was all way too soon so I wasn't going to apply until the manager came tapping on my shoulder and said that I should. I was told that if he tells you to, you really have to do it because chances are you will get the position. Which... zomg, too early for me to move up from junior, but then I'm not going to argue about a promotion? Just bzuh!

I downloaded Ark of Truth yesterday so I will have to find time to look at it. So weird to have canon to watch!

Yesterday was the new FMA chapter and without really spoiling anything; I want Roy back omg! We haven't seen him in ages and it feels like Armstrong is taking over the position of main military character (if there was such a thing) and I just miss my Roy omg. Give me more Roy and Riza talking code or conspiracies or... anything! Yes, I'm obsessed.

Oh and I watched Star Wars Episode III yesterday again. Oy, Anakin is a dumbass. There's a Star Wars exhibition in Brussels for a few months which I will have to go too. Wheeee!


May. 14th, 2006 06:35 pm
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I feel like babbling so I'm going to do it here and you can ignore if you want.

Jara and fandoms )

I'm sure there was a point in this babbling, but I'm not entirely sure if I managed to write it down. Oh well. I got to use the word 'frothing'. *giggles*
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Monday morning and I go be pushy at the book shop (because my mom told me to be), only the person responsible for personnel isn't there. D'oh. Might return tomorrow.

So yesterday they started airing Atlantis in my small country. I know, I'm as susprised as you are. Imagine my major geek out when I realises one of the scientists has a belgian flag on his sleeve. Of course, this would never happen as we're a way too lefty country to be included in the US's secret military plans but anyway...

I had some thoughts concerning Weir, Sheppard and Mitchell (no spoilers anywhere) )


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