Apr. 12th, 2011 05:12 pm
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Today is a pretty good day. It did start off all wrong, though. I had this weirdass dream that kind of stuck with me. I was on my honeymoon and our tall was this huge building with a view of Central Park. They'd arranged a suite for us on the roof (there were like little condos on there and it was hard to tell where Central Park began and where the garden on the roof did). For some weirdass reason my family was present at the suite. I'm going with it that they were making sure I didn't run off as the marriage was kind of arranged. To top it off, the hotel was hunted and management would kill off anyone staying at the top floor. There was one window I kept trying to close the curtains to, but somehow they wouldn't stay closed and you'd see the ghosts of another couple running around and being chased down by something.

Yeah, I have no idea. Somehow things got less creepy when I started making out with the reluctant husband... Seriously, no clue. No wonder I was fucking tired when I woke up. (Though the whole being up too late might have something to do with that as well.)

Aaaaaaaaaanyway. Things turned up after that. I got called into a meeting with my direct boss, his boss and someone from HR to tell me that I'm up for promotion. There will be an interview and possibly some tests (they couldn't tell me for sure either), but they recommended me and my chances are pretty good. Normally, unless I seriously stuff things up, it should turn out okay. I'm nervous about jinxing, though. OMG! This would mean more money, bigger bonuses and possible a car...

I need to get my driver's license, but this could considerably help with the loan for the house. I hope. More moneys, please!
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The last few weeks have been exhausting. Work is utterly insane and I don't know which way is up anymore. I think that means I need to make drowning noises towards the boss because if this keeps on, not only will my sanity be destroyed but this project is going to fail in epic proportions.

Most of the past week has been spent getting worked up and exhausted at home, and only having the energy to do some reading. Which has led without a fault to me falling asleep at 20:00 through to 23:00 and crawling into bed to sleep for real about midnight. I have turned into an utter wuss. Granted, the mistake is the whole lying down to read thing, but it's the only thing my brain seems to be capable of. That and that whole hospital game on lj. Damn you, lj.

My brain is stuck somewhere between The Lost Hero and the Nantucket series at the moment. The sequels don't have enough of my girl slash in it. Well, it's there, but not as much as I would like it to be, dammit. Oh girl slash. My search for a pb for Alston has led me towards Skin, Rokia Traoré and Ajuma Nasenyana. Which is me just rambling since none of you read the books. *shakes fist at you all*

And between all that I'm looking into getting a loan for the house. Which my parents are luckily helping me with or I would have had to waste so much vacation days for every single appointment. Granted, that makes me still spoiled and all that, but money affairs make me flail from here to eternity. *siiiiiiiiigh*
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It feels like a long time ago that I was just behind the computer. Not that Saturday is all that far away, so I'll blame it on my mind.

Sunday there was a family barbecue. The sister in the US is in Europe for a few weeks. I say Europe as she just took a plane to Italy. But yes, it'd been a while since we were all together so there was family time. Then yesterday I had lunch with said sister in Brussels (mmmm pancakes) and in the evening I went to The Dark Knight with the other sister.

While I'm on the topic, this Batman movie is heaps better than the previous one. But then I am the only person alive who didn't like the previous one much. Anyway, it was good. Despite the moment half way through where you're all "It's done now? Can we leave?" and then the movie picks up again.

So yes, I've been busy. Which works just fine with the whole theme at work where I'm busy busy busy too. Whether this will prove to be a good or a bad thing, we shall so. The headache I'm having right now is definitely bad, however.

Oh. Random question to the comic people as somehow this came up one the drive back from the cinema: Does Batman have a serious love interest? (I'm talking Superman and Lois Lane serious.) I could wiki, but I'm lazy.
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I live! *coughs* The last few weeks have existed of me coming home and starting to play games. Bad me. So I will now try to do an lj update as I keep putting it off! It's going to be in bullet points. Only without the html thingie as I'm lazy.

1. OMG! I have not thanked you all for the congratulations on my promotion as I didn't get to reply to everyone. So thank you all!
2. Work is being both really sucky and awesome at the same time. Sometimes it makes me want to beat things up and other times it's not all too bad. Well, it's work. I don't think I'm ever going to be the type who lives for their work.
3. I had training last week which was a nice change of pace to keep me from trying to kill someone at work. Now I have managed to find my zen back. Sort of. Sometimes it's still stupid.
4. People keep leaving our team/the company and it makes me sad. I know it's not the most glamorous job, but it's not that bad! There's a lot of pastry treating going on!
5. I'm starting to worry where Arakawa is going with FMA. The last few chapters have been just weird, but at least Roy was back and I'm a hussy and easily persuaded. Still, Arakawa get back to the awesomeness omg!
6. Naruto is actually not actively sucking at the moment.
7. I have a headache.
8. I'm going to try walking home from work in the evening as my condition is downright pathetic and omg, need to lose weight. As I refuse to diet, moving around it is. Damn my laziness and anti-sport genes.
9. I fell in love with the Toshiba Satellite laptops they had on my training program and have this insane urge to get a laptop. I'm trying to convince my brain that I really don't need one.
10. After using XP for a few years now, I've always hated the XP look. It made me think I was using a toy instead of a computer. Now I have discovered some custom themes online and I'm kind of in love. I think the Vista look has slowly moved me to the dark side.
11. I'm in the process of reading The History of Love and it's a gorgeous book, but omg it's making me all sad.
12. The lj advisory board thing is making me roll my eyes. I seem to be incapable of caring, though that the owner of InsaneJournal wants an in on it inexplicably annoys me. Though probably not so inexplicable as me just not wanting to bother to think about it.
13. In my previous poll 75% thought that we are in The Age of Self-Entitlement while 25% didn't really get what I was talking about. 0% voted that we are in TASE.
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I got my promotion. I'm now no longer a Junior Software Engineer, but I am a full fledged Software Engineer. After not even working for a year. I'm still kind of surprised about this.
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I keep trying to update and I keep failing at it. So I'm just going to kick my own ass and do it instead of being avoidy.

Work is doing good. I'm well within the code complete deadline with everything, though I'm sure I'll get some bugs to fix, but then that's pretty normal. This week they announced the positions that are open internally in the company and people get to apply for it. I glanced at it, but realised that it was all way too soon so I wasn't going to apply until the manager came tapping on my shoulder and said that I should. I was told that if he tells you to, you really have to do it because chances are you will get the position. Which... zomg, too early for me to move up from junior, but then I'm not going to argue about a promotion? Just bzuh!

I downloaded Ark of Truth yesterday so I will have to find time to look at it. So weird to have canon to watch!

Yesterday was the new FMA chapter and without really spoiling anything; I want Roy back omg! We haven't seen him in ages and it feels like Armstrong is taking over the position of main military character (if there was such a thing) and I just miss my Roy omg. Give me more Roy and Riza talking code or conspiracies or... anything! Yes, I'm obsessed.

Oh and I watched Star Wars Episode III yesterday again. Oy, Anakin is a dumbass. There's a Star Wars exhibition in Brussels for a few months which I will have to go too. Wheeee!


Aug. 15th, 2007 01:02 pm
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Wow, I suck at updating lately. It's almost been a month. I've also almost been working for about a month. Today is my first national holiday! Whoot!

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And I must be wise somehow
Because my heart's been broken down
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So last week there was a whole lot confusion with me requesting my public transport tickets from the new workplace. We finally got things settled and this morning I get a letter in the mail with the document to take to the train station. Yay? Nay. Apparently my first name is Eveline... Seriously? *headdesks* I'm so frigging lucky I still have the other stuff from going to the course so I should be able to get to Brussels for free, it's just really stupid.

I've swamped myself with RP this last week which has been awesome. I'm starting to get back into my Cam groove a bit, even if it's making me feel like an ass. I'm sorry boy! Only not sorry enough. Then we have Aly and Roy going sailing and getting stuck on an island (of course). Which has filled me with glee. I love the balance between those two even if they make me flail a whole lot. And Zuko and Mel flailed at each other over the random soundtracks and sometimes I don't want to completely strangle him.

Tomorrow I'm meeting [livejournal.com profile] suzvoy. I will not flail. *coughs*

I'm also learning some C# as I finally got the courses sent to me yesterday. Why is it capital sensitive? Its mark up reminds me of Javascript which makes me want to headdesk. I'm going to miss VB.NET.

I should go wash. Roy Mustang is awesomeness.




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