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I kind of hate today. It started with construction workers deciding to pump some more water in a basket by using the most heavy machinery they have to transport heaps of dirt and make the house shake as if we were going through several earth quakes after each other.

The mail this morning was very joyous as I got turned down for that IT training thing again. Then I get a letter telling me that I have to go to some sort of info session on training as a commerical assisent. *sighs* They just keep ignoring me and doing nothing, the emails with job offers that I am supposed to get 'once a week' arrive about once every three months if I'm lucky (and then they're jobs like FLOWER ARRANGING). I have to haress them into making an appointment with me and then they threaten me if I would dare not to show up for the APPOINTMENT THAT I REQUESTED. Then they tell my that I'm doing everything just fine and they can't help me. And now they want to shove me into training for something that I have completely no interest in doing. Can't they... oh, I don't know... invite me for a conversation, discuss with me what my interests are and decide on a training then. You know, we might actually find something useful, but no...

And the only way to get out of this is by having a job elsewhere, but my job interview didn't go too well. It's dumb really, I think I can really do this job even if it's dull and boring. I want to do this job, but I had to do my tests on a laptop with a touching pad and so it took me twice as long to get things done because I'm not used to it. I told the guy I can do faster once I get a hang of it, but yeah... not exactly the best way to convince someone.

So the world can go away now please and leave me alone.
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I actually feel like I slept today. Went to bed an hour early and lay awake for a while, but I managed to sleep in which did me good. I was up early yesterday to do radio with [livejournal.com profile] anomilygrace. It was a whole lot of fun to do, but I'm glad I don't have to do this every week. *is in awe of radio people* It also helped distract me from the dream where I had chest hair. Pretty coarse chest hair too and strangely enough not curled. Dude, was I glad that was a dream because it would have been hell to wax.

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*sulks at people who set the christmas trees without her*

Day three

Jan. 5th, 2006 12:29 pm
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- Still a headache.
- Still sore all over.
- Have lump at the base of my neck which my mom thinks might be an infected gland.

Yeah, I'm going to the doctor tonight. At least Vala and Cameron got their acts together. I also need to call the job agency after lunch.

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It'd sure be nice if my computer would actually not freeze up long enough for this virus scan to finish.

Yups, I'm off to a great start.
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I start this sunday, like any other sunday. With a bath. Only, when I stand up in the bath to get out, I'm suddenly feeling way to hot and I can feel it rush up to my head. My sight starts going and I know that if I don't sit down now, I'll be falling down. Sitting down carefully, the feeling goes away but I'm still not feeling too hot. Although, my mom says that feeling too hot is exactly what caused it. She says I take my baths too warm and it's unhealthy and I could have fainted right there.

Hrm. Maybe. Still don't feel too well. Been dizzy the entire day and I got a headache now. I just got home from a family thing for my mom's birthday. Nathalie made us lunch and there were desserts and stuff, but I pretty much zoned out for the entire thing. There was this one moment where I lie down and for some reason while I've been cold the entire day, it feels like my brain is heating up.

Of course, this means I didn't get to do any studying today either. *sighs*

And I'm feeling pathetically needy that I come online and look around hoping that someone missed me. *looks around* No? Don't answer that.

Ugh, lj's still a bitch apparently. *pokes her icons*
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Woke up with the urge to listen to old Crowded House songs and popped the debut album in my stereo. It's been a while since I listened to it and just like always it's homecoming. Still know all the words to the songs and end up singing them all and yet, I'm definitely not the same person that I used to be when I heard these the first time. How long is it now? Eleven years.

Tell you about myself
If you're in the mood to listen
Baby you don't know who you're kissing
This a lonely world
You are a strange companion
When you get what you wanted
You wanna leave
Honestly I want to free myself
From the burden of inaction
Honestly I want to raise myself
To any plane I can imagine

I feel like I've said it all before. Like there's nothing to add. Most of my conversations end up being pretty empty and meaningless. When anyone brings up the job thing, I can't wait to get up and flee the room. The closest thing to a conversation I had was with my aunt this weekend when we were debating racism and the decline of society. I pleaded for a new revolution. It's been a while since I pushed my mind to wrap itself around a serious discussion. I think I need to practice.

Feeling devastated
That's what I call
Hangin' on and falling over
That's what I call
Tired and deflated
That's what I call

Damn you, Hester.
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Hrm, I'm a bit lethargic today. Should call the temp agency, but I'm feeling lazy (I suck).

My dad's first conversation this morning when I came still half asleep out of my bedroom was that he doesn't want me to play KotOR on his puter anymore because it fraks things up. I wonder if it's the game though, I know games and frak up your system but usually when you reboot everything is alright again. So normally before I turn off his computer, I reboot and it doesn't give me any problems. Apparently it waits to give problems until he restarts it again. *confuzzled* Anyway, I feel like sulking and pouting because I just restarted KotOR I and was playing it darkside as I want to see what happens with Bastila near the end. *mutters*

I also want a permanent account, I know it's a lot of money, but in the end it will save money out. That and it would be so much fun to be able to not rely on other people to keep my account going due to my lack of credit card. There's not much point asking my sister if I can use hers as she's very paranoid and already said no to my request to prolong it the last time. She's right to be suspicious, though, it just kinda sucks and is frustrating. So yeah, there's not much point agonising over this as well... yeah. *dreams about 100 icons*

Which reminds me. I want new Kara icons. I should make some because I'm in the mood to play with graphics only I'm completely uninspired. Besides, I can't decide which icons to leave and which to get rid of. OMG, 100 icons would be so lovely.


May. 29th, 2005 03:48 pm
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OMG! So many hills I had to go up with my bike.

OMG! And it's way too hot. Thirsty!

I think I'm dying.

OMG! Who says sport is good for you? *aches all over and will be too stiff to go to work tomorrow*

OMG! I'm going to work! Damn, my muscles don't like typing.

Can I go die now?

Btw, I love [livejournal.com profile] lyssie.

Shit, I'm dead.


May. 28th, 2005 09:53 pm
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I want my [livejournal.com profile] lyssie back. Is it tuesday yet? Please?


Ugh, and she didn't give me a Sam/Kara challenge. *wails*

ETA: I feel like watching "Crackers don't matter".
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Okay, let's just get this over and done with so I can move on and post about other things without feeling like I'm hiding stuff. Thursday, monday and today started early as I finally got off my ass and registered at four different job agencies. Manpower and Vedior kind of shrugged and said they highly doubt they'll find anything for me. Randstad and Adecco are more helpful and I should keep an eye out for them, call them every few days to see if they got an interim job for me. Although they too indicated that finding something more permanent in my field is very unlikely and I'll have to go through different channels for that. (Mom was wrong about her info on the temp jobs.) So there. I've bitten the bullet, completely stuffed up when I had to proof my franch as my mind started to freak and lost all knowledge of it. *sighs*

I'm cranky about the whole thing. I hate talking about it, I hate it when people ask me how it's going and I hate it when certain parties are their tactless self and make stupid comments that make me want to beat them over the head repeatedly. I know it's basically because I'm cranky with myself and kinda disappointed too. I'm not feeling all too good about myself and well, this isn't helping any. I get defensive when anyone brings it up and yadda yadda yadda.
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Bah, am in an odd mood. Feeling slightly uneasy and restless. I want to write, but I'm just feeling uninspired in general. I still feel rather blah about my writing. So much that I've come to a point where I feel that even opening word is a waste of time as nothing quite rings true. Maybe it's a matter of pushing myself to just do it. I'd ask for some challenges but I kinda suck at doing those.

Anyone know where I can find Cally/Lee fic? Doesn't seem to be any around.

I know I'll get trapped in this
and I'll go on getting wired of myself
it's a wave
and I'm on top to fall


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