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*tilts head*

Does Ultraviolet by U2 work as a Crews/Reese song or am I crazy?

Somehow my search for Jadzia/Julian fic led me to reading Crews/Reese. I miss you, show.
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Bullet points whee!

  • My friend list seems to be crazy about The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I watched through the entire first season and I can't help it. They're all a bunch of dumbasses and if the world depends on them, we're royally screwed (if we lived in their world anyway). John Connor is a whiny bitch and omg, so fucking stupid it's unbelievable he's a genuis.

  • Also, wtf do they have a paramedic declaring that someone with O can not give to someone with AB. Universal donor and universal receiver. Um... Do your homework.

  • Why am I playing Travians? I suspect I'll be bored in a week.

  • I can not wait for it to be Christmas. I want to be out of this country. It's been since my trip to [livejournal.com profile] hya and all that I've been abroad.

  • This week there was a terrorist video threatening Belgium for our new involvement (which really isn't new, keep up people) in Afghanistan. It's probably a fake, but I don't believe in fake terrorist videos. Fact remains that just it happening is going to give extreme right a boost and is going to give trouble groups in our country a nice excuse to cause more trouble. No matter who made it, it has an impact.

  • The fact that my islam history professor predicted that in this and so many years he expected a terrorist attack in Brussels Central does weird things.

  • And yet, I still think that whoever made that video picked a catchy tune.

  • But don't terrorists know that you don't need explosions? All you need is the right amount of acts and people will trample their own. How fucking immature and stupid do you have to be to let a fucking AD make you break down a shop's store and trample someone to death so you can get a SALE. What the fuck is wrong with those people? It's not like they're starving and fighting for the last piece of bread to save their family.

  • When's the next Life ep?

  • I gave my boss KotOR to play. Now I'm curious what he'll think. And I mustn't forget to get another guy the first Harry Potter book, he wants to read them in English now. I love guys who like Harry Potter.

  • I'm rereading The Prisoner of Azkaban right now.

*goes wash*
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Last day of my week off. This is sad. I finished watching everything from Life. Oh series, how I love thee. Except for the part where omg, people kissing wrong people. Like seriously wrong. *eyes them both* I should upload some icons.

I had another fun dream that started off in a lab. I have no clue what the experiments were about, but suddenly the alarm went off because there was some nuclear substance released or something. Everyone had to grab the oxygen masks and wait it out. Then it turns out it wasn't the experiment that went wrong, but aliens had invaded and hit the facility. They had released several of their ships above the city while their mothership was in orbit and doing a count down to blow everything up. Cue trying to destroy the attacking ships and going into orbit to invade the mother ship. We were making our way in when my mom woke me up. Doh!

Cut to hide whining about weight )

Oh and in added new. From December 24-31 I shall be in Boulder, Colorado. Mwahahahaha.
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Title: Too Bright
Raiting: G
Set: 1x06, Post- Powerless (vague spoilers, nothing huge)
Note: Been a while since I wrote fic and this wasn't betaed. I'm honestly not sure if I got the voices right, but I just felt like writing and it's been a long time since I felt that urge.

Too bright )
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I can has crush now )


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