May. 14th, 2006 06:35 pm
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I feel like babbling so I'm going to do it here and you can ignore if you want.

Jara and fandoms )

I'm sure there was a point in this babbling, but I'm not entirely sure if I managed to write it down. Oh well. I got to use the word 'frothing'. *giggles*
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BSG vs Dallas: spoilers for the finale and me coming up with the crack )

In other news, Jaye Tyler rocks. *hugs her muchly*
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Crusade )

BSG and something with laying down or so )

And in FH news, Cameron and Jaye have called of their fling. There was no emo, just a small talk and no weirdness. Which makes me happy as yaay, he won't have to avoid her and I like Jaye. Might watch another Wonderfalls ep if I get bored.

Scifi FH

Feb. 26th, 2006 03:58 pm
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My thoughts on Scifi Saturday are a bit late because there were flings to be had. (Oh come on, how often am I going to be able to say that?)

SG: Arthur's mantle )

BSG: Downloaded )

Very minor spoiler for next week's SG )

I went to Brussels with Kurt yesterday and am now tired. Oh condition, where art thy? Kurt bought me The Chronicles of Narnia for my bday so now I have stuff to read. Yaaay! Also, I'm currently reading How to train your dragon which is just a cute book and so cool. I wonder if Dream would use it for his language classes as there's Dragonese in it.

On FH news, things are kidna strange. Cameron is still single and hasn't really talked to Vala. He has however flirted a whole lot. Yes, he's kinda becoming a ho, but in a cute and adorable way. Last night he had his first fling with Jaye Tyler and we'll see what happens when they wake up. And no, it's not going to be a next OTP. It's just sex and flinging but somehow they insist on being cute.
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SG: Off the grid )

BSG: Sacrifice )

Can someone link me to the SG website with the promo pictures? I lost the link.


Feb. 5th, 2006 02:17 am
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I've been meaning to update for days now, but I still haven't gotten round to it so I'll probably forget half of what I wanted to say. Yay.

Job interview went... Yeah, it went. I never know what to say or think of it. I'm sure I had to add here but I'm drawing a blank.

Oh! David Gray on Thursday rocked. So much love for the man, omg. He's just amazing. Of course, I had to scowl at the idiot who decided to ruin the first song by belowing along. Seriously, dude, did not pay to hear you. But yeah, it was good. The concert was amazing, the sound was great, David Gray kicked serious ass. I love this man, I love his music.

Stargate: Ethon )

BSG: Scar )

On FH, Tex just took over town. Cameron got beaten up by vampires and dislocated his shoulder.
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Let me take a moment to count the ways in which I love Cameron.

SG S9x14 spoilers )

BSG Black Market )

In FH news, this weekend has been a sort of trial by fire. There was a snowmonster attack and I have been kept pretty busy. Tex got to snark at people and it was just plane fun. Cameron of course, just had to get a cut on his cheek. He also accidently shot Tex. I don't think we've seen the end of that little incident.
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I went to the con in Ghent today. It was fun. Lots of geeks around, some in way cool costumes. I just put on my Star Trek science officer shirt and got in cheaper. Mwah. I bought 2 patches for BSG. One with the logo on and one with the viper. Now I just need to find a jacket to actually stick them on.

Corin Nemec is hot. Dude, did not expect this but I'm in complete lust. No, I didn't pay and go up to eitehr him and Don Davis. It's that whole actor/character thing, I suppose. He was still way cute with his ballcap and damn, but the guy has a nice body. Q&A was kinda interesting if not too short.

Okay, I just had a look at my friendlist and WTF? Real people fanfic/ship? No, just no. No frakking way even. It's just... wrong. And it squicks me. As if Kara/Lee isn't bad enough on itself. JB is married, KS has a boyfriend. That's just... I love you guys, but no frakking way.
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Disclaimer: Not mine.
Rating: PG
Spoilers/Set: Pre-series, after Zak's funeral
Classification: angst
Summary: She preferred ending relationships with a bang.

A/N: Huge big thanks to [ profile] splash_the_cat and [ profile] lyssie for the beta. Let's pretend I'm actually a prolific writer.

Disintegration )
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I'm with [ profile] lyssie on the oppression thing getting on my nerves. From what I gathered I thought the first remark being made did not come from Lyssie. Unless I missed something huge, which is always possible, but I know how she feels about Kara/Lee and agree. I can imagine her saying that the fandom lacks other ships and getting slightly cranky at it. Dude, why do you think I'm not longer watching BSGfics actively? (And er to avoid spoilers.) Still don't get why this shit is blowing up where it is.

*eyes her flist suspiciously* Behave and get along, damnit.

*really confused*

Whatever. Cameron's worshipping Janet and I hurt Vala and feel like a jerk.

Also, I only know that I dreamt I had psoriasis all over my face (man, that's got to hurt). *sighs* Jolly.
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Still haven't watched BSG Pegagus, but must thanks for Lyta and Michelle for helping me out. Hopefully I'll get to watch tonight. I'm doing quick skims of my flist still to avoid spoilerage. I just keep taping things on television and I keep not watching it and so my tapes are getting full and I need to really try to get back up to speed again. I suppose I could watch during the day, but my parents... Okay, my father isn't exactly a calm person and I prefer to have some piece and quiet when I watch telly. Besides, I really should try and get that application letter done today.

Fandomhigh crack )

BSG Icons

Sep. 20th, 2005 07:43 pm
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Four icons based on the Kara and Helo drawing by Grant Gould ( Couldn't resist making icons out of this as it just looks awesome. Grant was kind enough to give me permission to share them. Hope you like.

Read more... )

Please credit Grant for his work by referring And the usual for me. *grins*
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Apparently I have not much to say.

Stargate )

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*meeps at the news of the storm heading for the US and hopes everyone she knows there will be safe*

Also, I have canon evidence now that SG and BSG could become a real crossover on television: Tiny spoiler for BSG Home Part 2 and no spoilers for SG )
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Dear Battlestar Galactica,

Spoilers for everything starting from the mini and going until Home Part 2 )

Could you please do this so I can go back to enjoying the show without having to fear for its sanity every week? Please?

Thank you very much,

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Just some thoughts, I'm apparently not very coherent.

Spoilers )


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