Oct. 4th, 2007 03:29 pm
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It is standard for new employees with the Post to work three days in the field. Which is what I've been doing this week and let me tell you something? ZOMG EXHAUSTING!

Yesterday I went on rounds with 'Collections', basically they're the guys in the trucks that drive around and empty the boxes and go collect everything from the postal offices. It's actually pretty hard work as you have to lug around a lot and omg, paper is HEAVY.

Today, I had to get up bright and early and go with the mailman. We actually finished earlier than planned which was yay, but omg my knee hurts like a bitch. It was a bike round which was kind of fun and he really didn't expect me to do anything (because I'd be more in the way than anything else). Am so glad I got lucky with the weather and got the one dry day of the week. But now I want to sleep so badly.

Tomorrow, I get to go into the post office and watch stamp selling... Not looking forward to that as it's going to end up being pretty boring.

Want sleep now.
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Job's over. *collapses in puddle of sore feet etc*

OMG, I get to sleep in again.


Dec. 16th, 2005 06:05 pm
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The Bad:
- ZOMG! I don't have off from work until frakking Thursday. I thought I'd have monday off, which I don't. Dude, that's like... 9 days working without real break.
- I am so frakking sore.
- I keep making silly mistakes once in a while. Which leads to many headdesking moments.
- Tomorrow is going to be insane. We're expecting a lot of people will turn up to buy gifts.
The Good:
- Boss lady divided us up into two teams to work together. One to deal with the register, one to make packages. I've been teamed up with Cindy. Which is good, Cindy is nice and has been working there for five years now. She knows the ropes and will be able to shout if I frak things up.

Yeah, that's basically the one thing I'm clinging to. *fears tomorrow*

See how work has taken over my FH rants? I'm just so tired that it's gotten neglected.


Dec. 13th, 2005 06:23 pm
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ZOMG! I'm still alive. Sorta. Dude, my feet are aching.

Please don't ask me how many times I screwed up today. They probably outnumber the times when I didn't have to ask questions. So much to process at once and I'm kinda flailing, but at other times it's fun because people are just amused and understanding. And then it all goes better because you relax. The people I work with are really friendly and helpful too. We'll see how soon my questions start annoying them.

But I'm alive and they didn't declare me worst employee ever just yet. Who knows, I might actually get the hang of it. I think all in all, I've had like 10 or 15 minutes where I didn't have to do anything. So yeah, I'm constantly busy and I'm sure weekends will be worse. So hopefully I'll know how to work the register flawlessly by then. Tomorrow I start an hour earlier, but I get off an hour sooner too so yaaay!

*curls up and snores*


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