Jun. 13th, 2007 06:26 pm
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So today I got offered a job and I resigned as admin at Fandom High.

My head is spinning.
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Well, I got offered one but I asked if I could wait before giving a final yes as I have other applications running.

I'm not kidding either. I've done interview with three other companies for now and have two more scheduled next week. And then I have a second interview with that other company on Monday.

*gets dizzy* I'm starting to feel popular, yo.
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1. A letter of denial from that company. (At this time I do not care, I have spoken about the course with several people and I realised that in the long run, it is going to pay off more.)
2. Package from Emily. Let me tell you this, people. NEVER EVER TRUST EMILY TO SEND YOU A PACKAGE! You should put on a hazmat suit and open the package in vacuum sealed enviroment. So you don't have to scrape glitter off everything or find it in your cornflake bowl. Also, glitter likes to stick to CD-ROMs. I will be cleaning off glitter for MONTHS to come.

*muttergrumble* *snuggles Emily anyway because OMG FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST*
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So I finally got an email from the course people this morning with all of the info that was given out yesterday and some additional files with study material. It looks interesting, they're going to teach XHTML/Dreamweaver/CSS, Javascript & DHTML, Photoshop, XML, VB.NET, ASP.NET and SQL Server. Classes would start on February 10 until June 29 (one week holiday with Easter) and then there's the internship. Of course, there are only 12 places free for the course and there's a test I got to take first. They included two files with study material. The test is on January 29 so I have about 9 days to get it all done. Drawback? Classes are from 8:30 - 16:30 and the commute is hell as it's in a really hard to reach place.

I signed up for the jobbrunch at the other company anyway as the dates don't clash and if I would get into this one, I'd pretty much be getting training in the city that I live in. Hello, nice commute!

Yes, if it wasn't for the commute, I'd be bouncing all over the place for this course. Two hours commuting twice a day is hell. I did the commuting thing at uni and that was almost half as much as this and I hated it. I guess it would just be for a few months here and they seem to be willing to pay back the travel expenses.
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I kind of hate today. It started with construction workers deciding to pump some more water in a basket by using the most heavy machinery they have to transport heaps of dirt and make the house shake as if we were going through several earth quakes after each other.

The mail this morning was very joyous as I got turned down for that IT training thing again. Then I get a letter telling me that I have to go to some sort of info session on training as a commerical assisent. *sighs* They just keep ignoring me and doing nothing, the emails with job offers that I am supposed to get 'once a week' arrive about once every three months if I'm lucky (and then they're jobs like FLOWER ARRANGING). I have to haress them into making an appointment with me and then they threaten me if I would dare not to show up for the APPOINTMENT THAT I REQUESTED. Then they tell my that I'm doing everything just fine and they can't help me. And now they want to shove me into training for something that I have completely no interest in doing. Can't they... oh, I don't know... invite me for a conversation, discuss with me what my interests are and decide on a training then. You know, we might actually find something useful, but no...

And the only way to get out of this is by having a job elsewhere, but my job interview didn't go too well. It's dumb really, I think I can really do this job even if it's dull and boring. I want to do this job, but I had to do my tests on a laptop with a touching pad and so it took me twice as long to get things done because I'm not used to it. I told the guy I can do faster once I get a hang of it, but yeah... not exactly the best way to convince someone.

So the world can go away now please and leave me alone.
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Moral question: Is it deceiving to straighten your hair for a job interview and show up to the actual work with curly hair?

Fandom High is buzzing with life as the new students for the Spring Semester showed up. I still need to throw Cam out to meet them as I've been rather busy breaking Zuko's brain. Sokka and Katara showed up and Katara managed to break a record and got detention in her very first interaction. Zuko is proud of being the cause of it. Also, he's rooming with Melaka Fray and the two hate each other. They ended up 'sparring' and it wasn't all too nice. It's lots of fun!

In non Fandom High news there... Actually, I'm not sure if there's anything to say. Oh wait, yes. I now own volumes 1,2,4 and 6 of FMA. 3 and 5 should arrive somewhere next week. Hopefully on Monday. And yes, that is next week as the week starts on Monday. Freaky forgeiners. I recommend that everyone read [ profile] anomilygrace's report on her visit to Brussels even if some of her points are not as accurate!

I'm in a weird mood that I don't care to analyse just now, so I'll just pretend it's due to nervousness about the possible temp job. Possibly you say? I thought you had the job for sure. Yeah, so did I. Until the girl from the temp agency called again and said I would have to go do an interview first (this was after she called me to say I had to go in for training, but apparently she misunderstood and it's for an interview). Whatever.

Here have a poll or two. I was bored and in denial. )

Temp job

Jan. 3rd, 2007 02:17 pm
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I've been putting off posting to lj as everyone has been doing their 2006 review and mine just depresses me. So, I'm going to start the New Year on a positive note.

I just got a temp job in town. It's for about three weeks and it's nothing fancy, just input of the stock into excel. Whatever, I'm doing something and I need that right now because I'm getting seriously depressed.

This makes up for the rejection letter I got yesterday. Only just a little bit, I would have loved that job.

ETA: Here is a picture of the glitter sign [ profile] anomilygrace made so we would find each other at the station. On the legt side there is my Mustang keychain and on the right if my finger.

mmmm sleep

Dec. 6th, 2006 04:17 pm
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I should not be surprised that you're still all being smartasses on my post from yesterday.

Today has been fairly productive. I went to town and picked up my new bankcard. I went to city hall to apply for my new electronic ID. The latter went faster than I expected, but I was sitting beside this old woman who kept sniffing and then smacking her teeth and... *shudders*

I headed to the temp agency because it's been a while since I've heard anything from them. When I asked if they had anything interesting come in, the girl stared at me as if no one had ever before asked for a job at a temp agency. She finally got out of her staring and refered me to another girl who still looked at me as if I had sprouted two heads. After her initial shock, she did link my profile to a company that they regularly get vacancies from. Which is more than the guy there ever did. So hopefully that will turn into something.

I walked home which was good because while it isn't warm, it was still sunny and nice. My condition however is very poor. I should not be this tired from that walk. Ack.

I would also like to add that I am still very much infatuated with my messenger bag.
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I got a reply to that second app and no, I didn't get the job.

For those people proving their existance due to that fandom wank stuff. Yes, I am a hoax.
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One of the two job thingies I was looking forward to just fell through. They said that they picked people whose profile matched better with what they wanted. Considering that it was one of those rare applications where I actually matched the whole thing completely, I'm confused. And disappointed.

I haven't heard back yet from the other application. That's the one that I want above all else, but I know there's the whole part where I'm overqualified and that getting a job at this institution is a true trial, so... Yeah.


Nov. 14th, 2006 01:21 pm
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Nov. 10th, 2006 01:27 pm
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Feeling very 'meh' this morning. Not physically, just 'meh'. Meh.

Misty spent the night in my room. She slept on the bed while I was behind the computer and then felt a need to crawl really close to my legs when I crawled in bed myself. She got up at some point when I got up and I thought she was going to stay outside, but I woke up randomly a while later and she was once more curled up against my legs. It's kind of nice in 'uh, I don't have room for my legs' sort of way.

Got another rejection letter this morning. Not a huge surprise as the application was a long shot. I don't know if I prefer getting a rejection or simply not hearing from them again. This one was from so long ago, I'd already forgotten I had sent it.

So yeah, still meh. I might curl up with a book or something.


Oct. 6th, 2006 04:17 pm
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The good: I went to the job thingie in Brussels.

The bad: I slept really fitfully and my shoulders and neck are aching and this freaking headache keeps lurking in the background waiting to get worse.

The good: Managed to get my hands on some interesting brochures that hopefully will be helpful for future jobhunting.

The bad: Pretty much all stands, it was the same thing. Take your brochure and try to ask a question. When you ask a question, you always end up being referred to the same website led by a couple of idiots who have done squat with my information.

The good: A cute guy smiled at me.

The bad: All those brochures weighed a freaking lot and made me even more sore.

The good: It's Homecoming tonight in Fandom and I'm looking forward to playing out Cameron's date. Zuko didn't manage to get a date and will probably stay far away from the dance. That's okay, though, Cameron's all bouncy for the two of them.

Bed please

Jul. 5th, 2006 11:29 am
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I had that meeting this morning. You know, the one where I get threatened with sanctions if I don't show up for something I asked for. The conclusion pretty much is that she doesn't understand why I haven't found work yet and maybe it's my personality, but not to worry because I will find the right company. Yay optimism. I'm considering backing that one up by doing a computer course. The personality thing has me laughing though because that's so the story of my life.

On my way home, I got pounced by the guy who convinced me to run as candidate for our town's elections. He wants me to join up again. I told him no and he shouldn't be so fucking surprised as he screwed us over last time and decided he didn't need our input before going into a coalition with the catholics. Whatever. I'm not gonna play your strawman again.

Yesterday my sister had her bday BBQ early. There was a small miracle going on as for the first time in my life any pictures that they tried to take of me were actually good. Apparenlty I even looked social on one. It only took 25 years. Everyone was speechless.
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*sighs* I called the people from the job interview back just like they asked me to. First she's in a meeting and she gives me the option to either call back later or she'll call me back. I say I'll call her back as that just seems easiest. So at the time she gave me, I ring back. First I get the fax, then she finally picks up. She starts apologising as she hadn't seen earlier that they haven't corrected the tests yet and seeing how she's going on vacation, she'll call me on July 5.

Why can't anything in this entire stupid progress just go right for once? It's always something and when you get a job, of course you end up with the chicken pox and having to bow out. Gah.


Jun. 28th, 2006 12:59 pm
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Gah. I got my invitation from the VDAB this morning. Of course they're making it sound as if they're the ones taking initiative here. Stronger even, they're going to sanction me if I don't show up. WTF? I called them to set this appointment up and they finally realised that they completely dropped the ball on my case and I guess this is how they're going to make up.

And I've barely had any sleep this morning as there just was too much noise. The constroction people were at their finest this morning as was my dad. Urge to kill rising.
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So Youri came up with Rome: Total War for me to try on Shadowfax. Cue to me now being hooked and probably going AWOL for hours as I play Roman. It's fun! Wieeee!

At least I was good and contacted the VDAB. The woman is going to send me an invitation for a meeting either next week or the week after. I've also written up another application letter that I should let my mom look over before sending it off. So no, I was constructive before going off to conquer the world.

Oops, need to go set VCR for Spooks or I'll completely forget.


Jun. 16th, 2006 01:09 pm
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Wow, it's weird dreams time. Imagine the end of the world. No seriously, there was an invasion of bug like creatures and I think I was Cameron, possibly. I was definitely male and my love interest looked like Claudia Black so it makes sense!

Anyway, end of the world. We had a hideout in a series of caves, but on our last scavenger mission, we got caught. We knew they were going to ambush us so we picked up all our things and made a run for it. After a day of being on the run, we made it to the remnants of what used to be a town. There were other refugees about, trying to scavenge stuff and hopefully find fuel. Sadly enough, there was no fuel left and we'd have to leave the car we had behind and continue on foot.

In the meanwhile I was a little bit caught up with the CB like person being mad at me. Apparently we'd been arguing for weeks now and I'd reached a point of giving up on her. When I realised that I'd forgotten the maps and some other things that had an insane value to me only, I decided I needed to go back and retrieve it from the caves. CB like person got pissed at me for suggesting this as the caves would be crawling with enemies by now. After some long arguing, she confessed that she didn't want me to get hurt. So there was hugging and kissage, but for some insane reason I had to do this. I'd take the car as far as the last of the fuel would let me (and hopefully I'd find more soon) and promised I'd catch up with them in a day or two.

Cue for goodbyes and I took off (don't ask me why the car suddenly looked like a bike). I made it back to a small outpost before I ran out of fuel. Sadly enough, they didn't have fuel there either, but there were a lot of people hanging about looking for work. After some discussing, we came to a deal and they'd help me get back into the caves. Then this weird girl insisted on coming with us. I didn't trust her at all, knew she was going to screw me over but she could provide us fuel and weapons so I agreed.

We were just about to set off when I got woken up by the telephone. Grrrr. But telephone was good as I've got a jobinterview next week. Yay!


May. 19th, 2006 05:08 pm
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Dude, seriously. Two hours later I finally get him on the telephone (although he didn't seem to remember anything about making an appointment).

So I ask him if I can come at a later date. Sure, no problem. Any day is good, even in the weekend. Only condition, I have to call him on the same day at 15:00 and make an appointment then like he told me to do today.


Sure, and how many times is he going to leave his cell off until two hours later? How the fuck do you keep a company running like this? I asked him for a more concrete appointment with set time and place, he won't give me one...

So I can try again on a later day or decide that they're jerking me around and leave it be. *sighs* I like the potential of this job, but that's not how you treat people or get work done.
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Am annoyed. I was supposed to call the guy for the job interview after 15:00 so he could tell me where he would be. Sure, I decide to take the later train so I have time to look it up where it is in case he's not at the office. Of course, when I call him his cell is turned off. Now it's an hour later and his cell is still off and it's annoying me. This is a very late appointment and taking the train late in the evening is not fun and not something I feel comfortable with (esp as we're talking a two hour trip here). Also, I'm not going to just jump on the train, waste the money for an appointment that might fall through.

*grumbles* Will keep trying to contact him and ask if we were to make an appointment on a later day if he could then be more precise about where and when he can meet me. Geez. How can you work like this? Even calling the company itself gives you just a voicemail.


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