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Look at me, I'm still alive. Not that I have anything particularly interesting to say which is my main problem it would seem when it comes to posting to this. I keep thinking I should do better, but I can't seem to actually manage it. *sighs*

Work is still work. Sometimes way too busy, sometimes way too slow. I don't have a whole lot of actual working days left this year. Next week I have 4 days of course (LARPing, in a manner) and then in December I have a scary ass guerilla course coming up. From 9:00-21:00. Hold me.

After that? Vacation for the rest of the week. Tickets to North Carolina are booked to visit my sister. Tickets for a five day minute trip to Boulder are booked as well. I just need to get off my ass and find a hotel. Oops?

Fandom High is eating my brain a bit more again recently. I have two active students at the moment who are both fun and easy to play. Well okay, so Faramir gets all wordy and needs some thought but for a Tolkien character he comes a lot more easily to me than I had ever dared to dream. Yes yes, I'm playing a Tolkien character. I still think he isn't an awesome writer but somewhere there in RotK he won me over. I'm now reading my way through The Silmarillion and it's a whole lot of fun to see how everything came to be.

I actually have been writing fic when I went through my Inception craze. They're three long fics and need to get betaed, but oh boy. How does this all go again?

And other than that? Games. I have been moving from one game to the other lately. Dragon Age: Origins, Starcraft II, Mass Effect, Mass Effect II and now I have The Witcher in my possession. I'm trying to hold off on starting that, though, and restarted a DA:O campaign because I am weak and got the Ultimate Edition. To my surprise, Leliana's Song is more interesting than the Morrigan DLC.

And now I'll stop boring you all. Really, isn't it much better if I remain uninteresting and shut up? If not, I have been more active on twitter (SheGoesOn) and tumblr (in case you don't mind getting spammed with LotR, FMA, Richard Armitage and pretty places).
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First off, yes I know there is a huge irony posting this on my RL livejournal. I understand that perfectly. I also understand that I'm not doing this in an open forum created to invite wank. I'm not hiding behind anonymity.

What the hell is the point of dragging a personal RP issue out into anon comms simply to create wank? I don't care how many people agree with your issues, it still is a low and coward way to air them. Talk to friends, talk to players. Hell, talk to the person you have an issue with. But what exactly does anyone gain by going into a public comm and dragging your issues out in front of people seeking wank?

Please, explain this to me. I don't get it. I only understand that when I notice Fandom High's dirty laundry getting aired outside of the game's boundaries, that I feel deeply ashamed of the players who take part in it and seem to enjoy it. I stop caring if what is said is true or not. If you're mad at your housemate, you don't go stand outside on the street and hand out fliers about why you're pissed with them. (I hope.)

I assure you, I've had many issues with the game before. Issues that I've discussed with my friends when I simply needed to vent, or with the player when it became a real issue. I've not handled it always well, but never have I felt any need to drag it out in public. That's easy, that's cheap. It drags the game down and it insults its players. Stop making me ashamed of something I love.

RP meme

Jan. 27th, 2010 07:56 pm
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Just to prove that I didn't really fall off the face of the earth.

See? I'm posting! )


Aug. 15th, 2007 01:02 pm
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Wow, I suck at updating lately. It's almost been a month. I've also almost been working for about a month. Today is my first national holiday! Whoot!

Work )

Roleplay )

Avatar )

Fullmetal Alchemist (spoilers chapter 74) )

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Aly books )

Harry Potter )

And I must be wise somehow
Because my heart's been broken down
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So last week there was a whole lot confusion with me requesting my public transport tickets from the new workplace. We finally got things settled and this morning I get a letter in the mail with the document to take to the train station. Yay? Nay. Apparently my first name is Eveline... Seriously? *headdesks* I'm so frigging lucky I still have the other stuff from going to the course so I should be able to get to Brussels for free, it's just really stupid.

I've swamped myself with RP this last week which has been awesome. I'm starting to get back into my Cam groove a bit, even if it's making me feel like an ass. I'm sorry boy! Only not sorry enough. Then we have Aly and Roy going sailing and getting stuck on an island (of course). Which has filled me with glee. I love the balance between those two even if they make me flail a whole lot. And Zuko and Mel flailed at each other over the random soundtracks and sometimes I don't want to completely strangle him.

Tomorrow I'm meeting [livejournal.com profile] suzvoy. I will not flail. *coughs*

I'm also learning some C# as I finally got the courses sent to me yesterday. Why is it capital sensitive? Its mark up reminds me of Javascript which makes me want to headdesk. I'm going to miss VB.NET.

I should go wash. Roy Mustang is awesomeness.




Jun. 13th, 2007 06:26 pm
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So today I got offered a job and I resigned as admin at Fandom High.

My head is spinning.
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I'm falling off the face of the Earth a lot these days. Things are crazy busy. The course is moving along, but I'm having trouble finding a place for my internship. *sighs* Not that I can blame companies as you know, I have nothing of previous experience in ICT.

Despite the long weekend, this week just dragged on forever. We've had SQL for three days and I think I might hate it. But Fandom High has been keeping me sane. Well that and spamming people with emails during the day and whining about wanting to go home. *gives [livejournal.com profile] anomilygrace a cookie for putting up with the spam.

And then when I get home I can play with Roy Mustang who is the new Sheriff in town and omg, I adore playing him. He's awesome and he's in my head and I love him to pieces. And then there's no bouncing going on beside that. Really. *flails*

Cameron is graduating this weekend which will make me woesome, but then not as I have plottiness ahead.

ZOMG Veronica Mars, spoilers )

There should be a flaily mood.
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I apologise to the people on my flist who are not involved in Fandom High and have no clue what I'm talking about. I'd filter it, but maybe someone who isn't on my flist might want to see it too, so I'm leaving it open.

Anyway, anyone from FH will know what I'm talking about. So here's me after this weekend;

1. I am not pissed off. I am not angry at anyone.
2. I am not picking sides in this.
3. I have an opinion and I'm sticking to it. It's a very basic one and one that I do not want to think deeper about as that would lead to point 2 and I don't want to do point 2. So I'm not going to. If you want to hear my opinion, then grab me on IM and I'm willing to explain it to you.
4. I'm giving everyone a clean slate. One without erasing what has happened - I think we all do good to learn something from it, - but one that lets me move on and not hold anything against anyone.
5. The weekend is over. It's the week now. I'm looking forward to the next weekend.

Now where is my new SG ep?
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So I think I have a new OTP.


Their love is so for hire.
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Mmmmm, cute scouts boy at the door. Err, the leader anyway. The kids weren't so helpful.

Cute boy: "So who is going to explain it?"
Bunch of kids: *look at the boy* "You."
Cute boy: *sighs and starts explaining*

Can I have a cute boy?

I broke my brain yesterday writing badfic!Zuko over at FH. Dude, writing purple prose is actually hard. Short explanation: it's AU weekend there and several people are turning into another version of themselves. Zuko and Katara are from all the bad 'Zutara' fic and it lead to this scene. I'm worried that the bad will stick and I will never be able to write normally again.
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Moral question: Is it deceiving to straighten your hair for a job interview and show up to the actual work with curly hair?

Fandom High is buzzing with life as the new students for the Spring Semester showed up. I still need to throw Cam out to meet them as I've been rather busy breaking Zuko's brain. Sokka and Katara showed up and Katara managed to break a record and got detention in her very first interaction. Zuko is proud of being the cause of it. Also, he's rooming with Melaka Fray and the two hate each other. They ended up 'sparring' and it wasn't all too nice. It's lots of fun!

In non Fandom High news there... Actually, I'm not sure if there's anything to say. Oh wait, yes. I now own volumes 1,2,4 and 6 of FMA. 3 and 5 should arrive somewhere next week. Hopefully on Monday. And yes, that is next week as the week starts on Monday. Freaky forgeiners. I recommend that everyone read [livejournal.com profile] anomilygrace's report on her visit to Brussels even if some of her points are not as accurate!

I'm in a weird mood that I don't care to analyse just now, so I'll just pretend it's due to nervousness about the possible temp job. Possibly you say? I thought you had the job for sure. Yeah, so did I. Until the girl from the temp agency called again and said I would have to go do an interview first (this was after she called me to say I had to go in for training, but apparently she misunderstood and it's for an interview). Whatever.

Here have a poll or two. I was bored and in denial. )


Dec. 27th, 2006 08:43 pm
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So while I won't be appying a new character until somewhere undecided after Cameron graduates, I do have some character ideas in my head. Currently there are three that are winning out;

1. Jadzia as a student. She'd come in pre-symbiote and would receive Dax while at FH. Of course, this would involve some major canon tweaking and I'm personally a little twitchy about that. Also, I can't do this until I magically am able to rewatch DS9.

2. Mal Reynolds as student. I'm not sure about this as I wonder how hard it would be to find his voice. I also think someone might be appying him as teacher so it would be after that and err if no one else apps him as student either.

3. Roy Mustang as teacher or townie. Damn you, FMA. Is it bad that I would have two characters who like to play with fire? Also, I don't want to app him without Hawkeye because that would be wrong. One is not allowed to seperate these characters ever. *flails at manga*

ETA: Like I said, this won't be any time soon. I don't need more characters right now.
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I actually feel like I slept today. Went to bed an hour early and lay awake for a while, but I managed to sleep in which did me good. I was up early yesterday to do radio with [livejournal.com profile] anomilygrace. It was a whole lot of fun to do, but I'm glad I don't have to do this every week. *is in awe of radio people* It also helped distract me from the dream where I had chest hair. Pretty coarse chest hair too and strangely enough not curled. Dude, was I glad that was a dream because it would have been hell to wax.

Rambling, feel free to skip )


Dec. 18th, 2006 04:14 pm
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Today is the last day of Fandom High applications. If you're wondering what FH is, read the brochure for it rocks.

And because [livejournal.com profile] gumboy's brain is pure gold, I shall give you a summary of what I have been up to this month!

This month, I fought trolls alongside of Belthazor and Peter Pevensie. I snuck into Efferton Manor and rescued Mary Poppins, Molly Hayes, Broots, Willow and Lorelai Gilmore.

The week afterwards, I went to visit my girlfriend Veronica Mars. We had an argument about how she didn't tell me that she had Martin Blank de-demonise Belthazor. But then we had mad make up sex and all was cute and snuggly again.

I went on a roadtrip with Jamie Madrox, Phoebe Halliwel, Willow Rosenberg, Lana Lang, Belthazor and Peter Pevensie. I ended up having a fight with Pyro and then we escaped the Statue of Liberty after it got blown up. Afterwards, I got a hug from Rogue.

This morning, my roommate Charlie Kawalsky was acting weird and he claimed he had a genie in a bottle. And then things stopped making sense and I thought he had received a lapdance from Jack Harkness. Which doesn't make sense because Kawalsky can't stand Harkness! Turned out it was just a lava lamp, so all is well.


Dec. 5th, 2006 01:32 pm
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Fandom High applications are open. Run, do not walk!


ETA: You are all smartasses.


Dec. 1st, 2006 02:38 pm
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By tomorrow this time, I will hopefully have my hands on the Avatar finale. Yay!

It's been a slow and steady week so far. I've received three rejection letters from last month, didn't receive letters on another bunch. Haven't managed to find anything new that I want to apply for, though.

I managed to get my hands on a copy of Day Watch. I tried watching last night, but VLC player was being an ass with the subtitles. I tried downloading BSplayer which then installed WhenU.Save spyware on my computer which was freaking annoying. It took some time before I managed to get rid of it, but BSplayer seems to be able to play the subtitles decently. Yay! So hopefully I want watch sometime today.

I'm happy that I did the post asking for advice on my RP plot. It's always good to get a new perspective on things and some issues were brought up that I hadn't managed to think of myself. But plans are forming in my head and I think I can pull it off.

I feel more balanced than I have in a while. As if I've got some more perspective on things. I still don't have a magical answer to a whole lot of stuff and I'm still annoyed about certain things. I can't count how many times I've been wanting to walk away from one particular thing and I found out something else that is definitely making me wonder if it's all worth it. Look at me being cryptic.

In less cryptic news, I'm actually pretty happy with my Secret Santa assignment. I feel like I might be able to make some cool things if I manage to find what I am looking for.

Oh! Television! I've seen Bones for the very first time and liked it. I'm pretty happy with this week's Veronica Mars too. Spoilery thoughts )

I think that's about it. Look at me, being rambly. Uh. Gonna end this post now.
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I have a RP related question that I would like some advice on. It's in relation of setting up a plot that would really have a HUGE impact on your character. Let's just say that I want to do something really bad with one of my characters, but I'm scared of the consequences being too heavy to handle. So if you're on my flist and you wouldn't mind giving some advice (especially if you have RPing experience), let me know here and I'll put you in the filter for when I finally make that post.


May. 2nd, 2006 01:27 pm
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*eyes computer* Stop crashing!

This weekend was spend playing a 7 year old Cameron as the entire student population turned wee for the weekend. I had entirely too much fun with this. Cameron ended up fighting with Anakin, he played tag with principal Zoe Washburn and hugged her, he became Luke Danes' biggest fanboy and talked to Lorelai Gilmore about her baby and even felt her stomach and then he got pretend married to Molly Hayes. It took a while to get my head out of the wee!world and get to write teenage!Cam again yesterday which ended with Molly kissing him. Tex did not turn wee, but she did help out a wee!Veronica Mars to wash her hands and threw a wee!Kawalsky into the duck pond. Yay.

Wrote up an application letter for a job that I would really love to get, but I think I might be too late replying. Damnit.

I am not racist. I will never in my frelling life vote extreme right EVER and yet, yesterday was pushing it too far. Please tell me why we allow illegal immigrants to demonstrate for papers and benefits. Why? These people are here illegal, if they want rights they should go through the correct channel to get them. Our system owes them nothing. I'm all for sympathising with people who had a rough time. We're close friends with a family who lived through the genocide in Ruanda and have helped them in any way we could. This? No fucking way. You do not get to demonstrate when you're here illegally. And this right after two illegal immigrants killed that 16 year old kid for an mp3 players. Extreme right are going to have a ball next elections.

ETA: Oh and I went to see V for Vendetta. It was okay and now I got Overture 1812 stuck in my head. It's weird that Youri and I both liked it and my sis hated it, pretty much just like what happened with Sin City. I think my sis doesn't like movies based on comics.
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If anyone's interested Fandom High applications will be closing tonight so hurry up and apply while you still can. (Randomly, townie applications will be opening very soon but it's a different sort of gameplay.)

I pretty much made up my mind to wait until Fall before bringing in a new student character, but I don't know if I'll have the patience. I have a character in mind to apply, but I'm not ready to do it as I haven't been able to play KotOR again and don't have any faith in my Revan voice. Which means that I've been milling over possible characters I could apply with and the one I know I can pull off might actually be a good idea for a teacher in Fall. *headdesks*

Maybe it's for the best because FH sucks up enough of my time already and I'd feel guilty not giving Cameron or the new character enough of my attention. Then again, I'm in the mood for something new or a break or whatever.

However, I am bored right now and procrastinating so why don't you guys tell me what character you think I should be able to play or think I should app and I'll let you know why not.
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I really really really am in the mood for Vala/Cameron fic. Preferably smutty too. *eyes her flist and pokes* People need to write more het Cameron fic, yo. The lack saddens me. I suspect I'll be rereading the Vala/Cam fics that Sloane and Christi came up with because... guh. But I want moooore. Yes, I'm five.

In FH news, prom is coming up and Cameron has been girlfriendless since he broke up with Jaye Tyler. So Kawalsky completely set him up in nine grade fashion and asked Sam Carter to go with Cameron without warning Cam about it. So yeah, Cam and Sam are going to the prom. And now Molly has roped him into going dress shopping together with Isabel, Sam, Aeryn, Callisto, Rory, Angela, Jake, Parker, D'anna, Janet, Elizabeth and Zero. That's pretty much the hottest chicks in school plus one guy who will be going as a girl. Cam flailed and got John to come with him as back up because too many girls and dresses. Mind you, I'm sure he won't be complaining once they start showing things off.

So... is anyone up to writing Vala/Cameron fic? *looks cute*


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