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Look at me, I'm still alive. Not that I have anything particularly interesting to say which is my main problem it would seem when it comes to posting to this. I keep thinking I should do better, but I can't seem to actually manage it. *sighs*

Work is still work. Sometimes way too busy, sometimes way too slow. I don't have a whole lot of actual working days left this year. Next week I have 4 days of course (LARPing, in a manner) and then in December I have a scary ass guerilla course coming up. From 9:00-21:00. Hold me.

After that? Vacation for the rest of the week. Tickets to North Carolina are booked to visit my sister. Tickets for a five day minute trip to Boulder are booked as well. I just need to get off my ass and find a hotel. Oops?

Fandom High is eating my brain a bit more again recently. I have two active students at the moment who are both fun and easy to play. Well okay, so Faramir gets all wordy and needs some thought but for a Tolkien character he comes a lot more easily to me than I had ever dared to dream. Yes yes, I'm playing a Tolkien character. I still think he isn't an awesome writer but somewhere there in RotK he won me over. I'm now reading my way through The Silmarillion and it's a whole lot of fun to see how everything came to be.

I actually have been writing fic when I went through my Inception craze. They're three long fics and need to get betaed, but oh boy. How does this all go again?

And other than that? Games. I have been moving from one game to the other lately. Dragon Age: Origins, Starcraft II, Mass Effect, Mass Effect II and now I have The Witcher in my possession. I'm trying to hold off on starting that, though, and restarted a DA:O campaign because I am weak and got the Ultimate Edition. To my surprise, Leliana's Song is more interesting than the Morrigan DLC.

And now I'll stop boring you all. Really, isn't it much better if I remain uninteresting and shut up? If not, I have been more active on twitter (SheGoesOn) and tumblr (in case you don't mind getting spammed with LotR, FMA, Richard Armitage and pretty places).

2009 meme

Dec. 25th, 2009 01:17 pm
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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] meeshy.

Memeness )

Trip Part I

Nov. 4th, 2009 04:07 pm
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So last Saturday I arrived safely in SoCal after a grueling 13 hour flight and five hours of waiting for a plane in Chicago. Trip went pretty well and no one really flies on SNA so I had three seats to sprawl in the last bit which was nice. It's really pretty flying in during the night, lots of lights. Shiny!

Catalina Island )

And now I need to go meet up with my sis. So I shall tell you more about day two later.
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We went out for drinks tonight after work. We usually end up in the same English pub and they have those big ass flat screen television hanging downstairs, it's always turned to BBC World. I was sitting to one side of our group, closest to the television and I don't know. I was listening to what the others were saying and without realising it, I kept looking at the screen.

It wasn't until she started talking and gesturing at me that I realised someone was sitting at the table right next to the screen. I had no idea what she was saying, I was listening to people talking in Dutch and most of the time when someone you don't know talks to you in there, it's in English. So I got confused and just went "what?" at her. She kept repeating it and making these agitated looks and my brain caught on that she was saying "Qu'est-ce qu'il y a?" Not in the "what's wrong sense", but in the "what the fuck is your problem" sense.

I just rolled my eyes and looked away, but seriously I should have better come backs. Yes, if you're sitting at the table right next to the television, people will look in that general direction. It's bound to happen. I hadn't even noticed *her* so wow, self-centered much.

Anyway, why do I keep coming up with good replied hours after stuff happens and not at the moment itself? Granted, she was alone at a bar and I'd rather not deal with drunken bitches.


Jan. 2nd, 2009 12:23 am
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I am home... and I keep trying to type qwerty instead of azerty. Rarrr.

Anyway, home after a rather uneventful flight back. I came home, tried to watch some telly and promptly fell asleep for half an hour after which I felt just sick so I ended up sleeping through most of the day. Then had new year's dinner with my aunt, uncle and niece.

Colorado was pretty. Boulder is lovely. Getting there is a completely different story. )

On to Colorado )

Basically, it was just a great, but short, trip. It was great seeing my sister again and seeing where she lives. The Rockies are gorgeous and impressive. The weather was actually nice when we left. The wind was horrible for a day and the first two days was colder, but then it was just mild and warmer than it is here. I didn't really want to leave. Either New England is very different from the rest of the US or maybe Boulder is, but I seem to be enjoying the US more after each trip. There's a certain type of mentality that we could use over here.
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So tomorrow I'm heading off across the ocean to visit my sis for Christmas and I'll be gone until the next year. We're coming back the 31th, but I'm not sure what time and I'll probably be tired, so we'll see.

I shall try to stop by to post an update, or maybe not. It's just a week and it's getting latish and omg, flight tomorrow.

Anyway. I'm just rambling and I need to finish my meme from yesterday when I get back. *nods* Packing ate my brain.

See you on the flip side!
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1) I'm on holiday until next year!
2) My government just fell!
3) Anyone who wished to change their profile, I'm sure there will be many out there, but I just fixed up my own version on Stylish a little. So feel free to use it, I can't claim full credit as I tweaked someone else's script. This removes the blue dividers, leaves on divider on top and hides the stats (I kept the links to tags etc).

ETA: Added justify to the comms/friends.
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Bullet points whee!

  • My friend list seems to be crazy about The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I watched through the entire first season and I can't help it. They're all a bunch of dumbasses and if the world depends on them, we're royally screwed (if we lived in their world anyway). John Connor is a whiny bitch and omg, so fucking stupid it's unbelievable he's a genuis.

  • Also, wtf do they have a paramedic declaring that someone with O can not give to someone with AB. Universal donor and universal receiver. Um... Do your homework.

  • Why am I playing Travians? I suspect I'll be bored in a week.

  • I can not wait for it to be Christmas. I want to be out of this country. It's been since my trip to [livejournal.com profile] hya and all that I've been abroad.

  • This week there was a terrorist video threatening Belgium for our new involvement (which really isn't new, keep up people) in Afghanistan. It's probably a fake, but I don't believe in fake terrorist videos. Fact remains that just it happening is going to give extreme right a boost and is going to give trouble groups in our country a nice excuse to cause more trouble. No matter who made it, it has an impact.

  • The fact that my islam history professor predicted that in this and so many years he expected a terrorist attack in Brussels Central does weird things.

  • And yet, I still think that whoever made that video picked a catchy tune.

  • But don't terrorists know that you don't need explosions? All you need is the right amount of acts and people will trample their own. How fucking immature and stupid do you have to be to let a fucking AD make you break down a shop's store and trample someone to death so you can get a SALE. What the fuck is wrong with those people? It's not like they're starving and fighting for the last piece of bread to save their family.

  • When's the next Life ep?

  • I gave my boss KotOR to play. Now I'm curious what he'll think. And I mustn't forget to get another guy the first Harry Potter book, he wants to read them in English now. I love guys who like Harry Potter.

  • I'm rereading The Prisoner of Azkaban right now.

*goes wash*

My bed

Sep. 2nd, 2008 05:40 pm
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My dad finally made a picture of my new bed. They picked it up on an antique market for a pretty decent price and my dad renovated it. It's Art Nouveau and I loves it.

Please ignore the mess on the desk )
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It feels like a long time ago that I was just behind the computer. Not that Saturday is all that far away, so I'll blame it on my mind.

Sunday there was a family barbecue. The sister in the US is in Europe for a few weeks. I say Europe as she just took a plane to Italy. But yes, it'd been a while since we were all together so there was family time. Then yesterday I had lunch with said sister in Brussels (mmmm pancakes) and in the evening I went to The Dark Knight with the other sister.

While I'm on the topic, this Batman movie is heaps better than the previous one. But then I am the only person alive who didn't like the previous one much. Anyway, it was good. Despite the moment half way through where you're all "It's done now? Can we leave?" and then the movie picks up again.

So yes, I've been busy. Which works just fine with the whole theme at work where I'm busy busy busy too. Whether this will prove to be a good or a bad thing, we shall so. The headache I'm having right now is definitely bad, however.

Oh. Random question to the comic people as somehow this came up one the drive back from the cinema: Does Batman have a serious love interest? (I'm talking Superman and Lois Lane serious.) I could wiki, but I'm lazy.
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I live! *coughs* The last few weeks have existed of me coming home and starting to play games. Bad me. So I will now try to do an lj update as I keep putting it off! It's going to be in bullet points. Only without the html thingie as I'm lazy.

1. OMG! I have not thanked you all for the congratulations on my promotion as I didn't get to reply to everyone. So thank you all!
2. Work is being both really sucky and awesome at the same time. Sometimes it makes me want to beat things up and other times it's not all too bad. Well, it's work. I don't think I'm ever going to be the type who lives for their work.
3. I had training last week which was a nice change of pace to keep me from trying to kill someone at work. Now I have managed to find my zen back. Sort of. Sometimes it's still stupid.
4. People keep leaving our team/the company and it makes me sad. I know it's not the most glamorous job, but it's not that bad! There's a lot of pastry treating going on!
5. I'm starting to worry where Arakawa is going with FMA. The last few chapters have been just weird, but at least Roy was back and I'm a hussy and easily persuaded. Still, Arakawa get back to the awesomeness omg!
6. Naruto is actually not actively sucking at the moment.
7. I have a headache.
8. I'm going to try walking home from work in the evening as my condition is downright pathetic and omg, need to lose weight. As I refuse to diet, moving around it is. Damn my laziness and anti-sport genes.
9. I fell in love with the Toshiba Satellite laptops they had on my training program and have this insane urge to get a laptop. I'm trying to convince my brain that I really don't need one.
10. After using XP for a few years now, I've always hated the XP look. It made me think I was using a toy instead of a computer. Now I have discovered some custom themes online and I'm kind of in love. I think the Vista look has slowly moved me to the dark side.
11. I'm in the process of reading The History of Love and it's a gorgeous book, but omg it's making me all sad.
12. The lj advisory board thing is making me roll my eyes. I seem to be incapable of caring, though that the owner of InsaneJournal wants an in on it inexplicably annoys me. Though probably not so inexplicable as me just not wanting to bother to think about it.
13. In my previous poll 75% thought that we are in The Age of Self-Entitlement while 25% didn't really get what I was talking about. 0% voted that we are in TASE.
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I got my promotion. I'm now no longer a Junior Software Engineer, but I am a full fledged Software Engineer. After not even working for a year. I'm still kind of surprised about this.
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Apparently there was a bomb alert in the station here as everything was set off and we were guided by policemen and firemen to quickly exist the perimeter. Somehow I doubt it will turn out to be real, though. Unless it's the start of the Belgian Civil War. Dammit, I just have to live on the front line of that one.

In other news, I went to The Star Wars Exhibition on Monday. Things I learned there:
- Natalie Portman is wee.
- Liam Neeson has big feet.
- Carrie Fisher is even more wee than Natalie Portman.

I saw the golden bikini, omg! And both Fett's armours which is totally awesome. And the statue of Han in carbonite. And Yoda! And an Ewok, and C3PO and R2D2, and Anakin's padawan outfit etc. But most importantly, Darth Vader's costume. Which is awesome and he most certainly was not wee.

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It feels like things are starting to get back on track now. The scare with my dad is settling down. It's not fixed, but he's been home for a while and they managed to pinpoint what was wrong. He's so stressed that he's developed what they call "dancing blood pressure". Basically it keeps going up and down. This occasionally causes a oxygen shortage in the brainstem which caused the attack he had. (At least that was the final version and since there wasn't an urgent call about the MRI results, it's probably that.) Getting my dad to stop stressing is another thing however. It's weird how much control your mind can have over your body, really.

Christmas was better than I expected even if it never did feel like 'Christmas'. My sis (the one in the US) showed up at the doorstep out of nowhere. She's been hiding that she was coming down for months now. *shakes fist at her* But it was good to have the entire family here and my sis brought a pile of gifts with her instead of clothes. I swear, I never saw so many gifts before.

One of the things she bought me was a warm whiskers' moose. It's so cute! And nice and warm! *loves it* And he smells like lavender. I also got a rip off calender with all of Bush's worst quotes so you can count down the days to his leaving office. It's got some hilarious stuff in it. It's also quite sad to see how frigging dumb the man is. And I got a new mp3 player that I'm paying half for, but it's so worth it. It's a Zen Creative Player and it is so shiny. I call him Mustang and I will love him forever and ever.

... And somehow I'm getting into Naruto.


It's good to not feel like I'm going to break down any second now. Just for a moment there it felt like everything sucked and it was going to keep sucking. It's not all over and there's a letter I still have to write and I'm doing my best to hide from it because I don't want it to be true. I'll write it, though.


Oct. 4th, 2007 03:29 pm
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It is standard for new employees with the Post to work three days in the field. Which is what I've been doing this week and let me tell you something? ZOMG EXHAUSTING!

Yesterday I went on rounds with 'Collections', basically they're the guys in the trucks that drive around and empty the boxes and go collect everything from the postal offices. It's actually pretty hard work as you have to lug around a lot and omg, paper is HEAVY.

Today, I had to get up bright and early and go with the mailman. We actually finished earlier than planned which was yay, but omg my knee hurts like a bitch. It was a bike round which was kind of fun and he really didn't expect me to do anything (because I'd be more in the way than anything else). Am so glad I got lucky with the weather and got the one dry day of the week. But now I want to sleep so badly.

Tomorrow, I get to go into the post office and watch stamp selling... Not looking forward to that as it's going to end up being pretty boring.

Want sleep now.


Jun. 13th, 2007 06:26 pm
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So today I got offered a job and I resigned as admin at Fandom High.

My head is spinning.
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Can't talk. Life will eat me.

But this is awesome. Roy is awesome. *flails and wants scanlation now*

I'm fully aware that this post is completely pointless, but I'm feeling too quiet here and I don't feel like talking about the job interviews so... random link it is.
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I remember vaguely that I was awake before I had to get up and I was thinking that I should at least try to get some more sleep until I thought I heard my mom get up.

And then, all memory is gone and next thing I know my mom is swearing and turns on the light in my bedroom. I look at the clock and it's 6:38 (I get up at about 6:15 and leave the house at 6:46 to catch the bus of 6:50). My mom is all "you're never catching that bus" and I'm flailing and still half asleep and how on Earth did I end up sleeping through all that?

I don't know how I did it, but somehow I was washed and in the kitchen at 6:46. My mom was staring at me that I was already downstairs, so I flailed at her and she stuffed my lunch in my bag as I wrestled into my shoes. I grabbed a small cereal box (because my mom had bought those small packages for some variety), stuffed it in my pocket and downed a cup of too hot coffee without breathing. Two minutes later I'm out of the door and I still managed to catch my bus.

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1. This week is canceled. It can go back from where it came. I'm sleeping in tomorrow.
2. Classes are getting harder, but it's still okay. I just wish the exercises would go along faster as I have too much time to twiddle my thumbs.
3. Tomorrow we start on Javascript. I'm a bit nervous about this. How bad can it get?
4. The nice train conductor let me ride in first class this morning.
5. That whole twiddling my thumbs thing? It means that classes are really dragging on right now. This week is going way too slow. Classes take ages, the room we're in is on the south side and it's just so stuffy and hot in there. Which makes the afternoon all that more gruelling.
6. I miss Chicago.
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Public transport is always a little like traveling.

Uh huh.

So I take my train in Brussels, call home to ask my mom if my dad can pick me up at the station. The train nears the station and it slows down. It slows down some more. It keeps slowing down... And then it rides on.

We were with several people waiting to get off and we were all just staring at the train riding on. No announcement, nothing. It just skipped the station. Everyone gets off at the next station and the conductor of the train must have hid or something because there were heaps of people there pissed off.

The NMBS did compensate by having the next train in the direction back stop in our town too, but it was just... Everyone was standing there in disbelief.


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