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Maybe I'll wake up in the morning and I won't have a government.

Thank you, Walloon politicians. You're fucking drama queens. There's something like the law, you're supposed to uphold it.

I'm too tired to be coherent...
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So for some reason I started watching Jon Stewart this morning and I ran into this video on youtube about what the president's job is. I think I died laughing.
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Dear Belgium,

I love you. Despite your many flaws, you will always be the home I can't find anywhere else. Today however, you're making me sad. We were all shocked when those two kids shot down a 17 year old boy for his mp3 players. This however, is not the answer. Don't ever let me read headlines like these again:

A 18 year old youngman walks through the historical center of Antwerps on a sunny noon,
he buys a weapon, ammonution and picks out three innocent victims.
Three citizens of Antwerps don't get chosen by accident:
A 46 year old turkish woman with two sons.
Songul was reading a book on a bench.
A new citizen to the city from Mali, mother of a six year old.
Oulemata was walking through the city.
A young girl of two.
Luna was riding her tricycle.
The sorrow is for everyone.

Hate crime. I don't want to hear the excuses. Right now, I'm just ashamed.



Despised Vlaams Belang (extreme right),

You don't know what the word serenity means so shut the fuck up. Don't give me your bullshit. You preach hate all the time. Your ties with skinheads and neonazis have been proven and yet for some reason we let you stick around. You were judged and trialed for your racisme and while you changed your name, you never changed your ideology.

You're not the victim in this, even if you'll try your hardest to come out as such. Every day that you breath, every day that you're allowed to exist and spread your words of hatred, I fear for this country. I fear for this world.

If one good thing comes from this act of violence, I hope that it means that people will finally open their eyes and realise that you are not the answer.

Much loathing,


((Not cut because I think this is too important to hide away.))


May. 2nd, 2006 01:27 pm
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*eyes computer* Stop crashing!

This weekend was spend playing a 7 year old Cameron as the entire student population turned wee for the weekend. I had entirely too much fun with this. Cameron ended up fighting with Anakin, he played tag with principal Zoe Washburn and hugged her, he became Luke Danes' biggest fanboy and talked to Lorelai Gilmore about her baby and even felt her stomach and then he got pretend married to Molly Hayes. It took a while to get my head out of the wee!world and get to write teenage!Cam again yesterday which ended with Molly kissing him. Tex did not turn wee, but she did help out a wee!Veronica Mars to wash her hands and threw a wee!Kawalsky into the duck pond. Yay.

Wrote up an application letter for a job that I would really love to get, but I think I might be too late replying. Damnit.

I am not racist. I will never in my frelling life vote extreme right EVER and yet, yesterday was pushing it too far. Please tell me why we allow illegal immigrants to demonstrate for papers and benefits. Why? These people are here illegal, if they want rights they should go through the correct channel to get them. Our system owes them nothing. I'm all for sympathising with people who had a rough time. We're close friends with a family who lived through the genocide in Ruanda and have helped them in any way we could. This? No fucking way. You do not get to demonstrate when you're here illegally. And this right after two illegal immigrants killed that 16 year old kid for an mp3 players. Extreme right are going to have a ball next elections.

ETA: Oh and I went to see V for Vendetta. It was okay and now I got Overture 1812 stuck in my head. It's weird that Youri and I both liked it and my sis hated it, pretty much just like what happened with Sin City. I think my sis doesn't like movies based on comics.


Nov. 7th, 2005 01:15 pm
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So the riots in France are continuing. Do they really think they're going to gain anything from this except get people more pissed off and even more racist? They're just confirming the stereotypes and frakking it up for the people who integrate themselves.

Apparently they burned a few cars in Brussels too. No riots and probably some punk kids getting ideas from what they're seeing in France. I hope anyway. Don't they see that they're just feeding extreme right more ammo? Idiots.
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http://www.idrewthis.org/ simply rocks. His latest "I think this" is too good not to share.

The incompetence of King George.

The irony is enough to make you vomit.

Today, September 1, the Department of Homeland Security launched National Preparedness Month.

Preparedness for what? The display of unpreparedness going on in Louisiana is greatest human tragedy on American soil in my lifetime so far. How dare these people talk to us about preparedness. People are dying amidst disease, squalor and misery because of their unpreparedness.


George W. Bush said on "Good Morning America" that no one anticipated that the levees might break. That is flat out false. In fact, many people anticipated it. FEMA, in 2001, identified a category 5 hurricane destroying the levees and flooding New Orleans as one of the three major disasters most likely to befall the United States. One of the others was a terrorist attack on New York.

Well, guess what? We've had both. Guess what Bush did to prepare? Nothing. Then the administration looked us straight in the eye, both times, and said no one could have anticipated that this would happen. Well, bullshit, George. It's bullshit and I don't think you care.

Ah, just read the whole thing. It's really not as long as it seems and it's interesting (if not a tad emotional but who can blame him?).

I drew this

Jun. 8th, 2005 01:02 pm
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I love this cartoon. Seriously, go back and read them all. They're funny but painfully true.

I also was completely unaware of the impeachment procedures that Simpson points out. Well, I knew it's something you can do, I just never realised Bush might be a lucky candidate. *eyes the liberals* What are you waiting for?

Frak it

Jun. 1st, 2005 09:08 pm
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Damn, now the Netherlands voted against the European constitution. This is stupid. We need to unify, Europe needs to grow stronger and t his constitution would be a good thing. If UK says no to it too, we're frakked. Europe will receive a huge blow and go backward, not forward. There is no back up plan if we don't agree to this. Mistakes can still be corrected, but we'd have a common ground to start from. Argh!


May. 11th, 2005 02:48 pm
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I guess I should update. It's been a while. I've been distracted a lot lately, by a number of things. None of which being the thing I should be distracted by.

Work a.k.a. what I have not been doing )

Politics )

Fandoms (S9 casting spoilers and some S8 spoilers) )

Scrambled thoughts about the House incident and attitudes of fans towards other fans )

ETA: What I have been doing )
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Kurt just left and will hopefully find his way home somewhere this evening. Naturally he managed to get lost trying to find his way here and was thoroughly mocked for it the rest of the way. He only got her an hour and a half late ;oP

I think we sorta raced through the forest because we did cover quite some ground in a minimal time. It was pretty as all the hyacinths are in bloom right now and everything is covered in a purple blanket. Absolutely gorgeous and we saw a squirrel! It did rain a bit, but not for too long.

After that we went to town and visited the basilica before going for a drink. Kurt ate here and managed to escape an over full plate thanks to my dad's intervention. My mom is a feeder and gets a bit enthusiastic when it comes to food.

In other news, the lesson of last nights dream was clear. When sea mammals turn against humanity, do not trust your government to protect you. They will stick you in a huge protected village that will then turn out not to keep the killer whales out and thus to cover up their failure they will proceed to try and suffocate everyone inside.

ETA: Kurt says that when someone I know comes to Belgium to visit, he wants to meet up too. *g*

Question; does anyone have the footage of last night's performance over at the White House where Laura Bush made a fool out of her husband? I can't believe I frakking missed this. Don't know what shrubbery did wrong, but it must be BAD. Which kinda makes me think of how Clinton made a huge mistake and managed to still get respect from his wife. Bush fraks up and gets humiliated for the rest of the world. Girl power indeed. Mystery was cleared up by [livejournal.com profile] mrv3000. Drats!
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Yves Leterme, minister of the flemish government, has said that the split up of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde was part of the agreement when the Flemish government was put together. He refuses to treat this agreement as just a piece of paper and says that the split must happen. If they do not keep to the promises they made before they got elected, the people can not trust them and he refuses to allow that to happen. They're big words, but I hope he holds them. Seriously, if he pulls this off he has my vote in the next elections. *frowns* He quite possibly already had my vote with these elections too, I don't remember.

On another note, Misty has been hyper this week. The sparrows are having their first young and it's driving him absolutely batshit crazy. Not only does he constantly whine against us and spends most of his time making us let him in and out of the house, he keeps sitting on the terrace and looking up at the birds. The sparrows of course are as active as he is and keep flying to and fro while making a lot of noise, which makes Misty miaow against them too. I think he's warning them that the minute their young can fly, he's going to kill them all... Sad thing is that he keeps his promises.

Ah, mom just yelled out and apparently I'm going to the movies with my sis tonight. Also, Kurt called a little while ago and he will be coming here next monday as I told him the hyacinths are in bloom. He's never seen the forest completely purple, yet. So let's hope the weather is better then.


Apr. 22nd, 2005 02:23 pm
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I HATE my government right now. Hate them to no end. They're screwing us over and it feels like no one cares.

Short explanation; Belgium exists out of three districts; Flanders (dutch speaking), Walloon (french) and Brussels (bilaigual). In our constitution it is determined that when there are elections, each district has its own parties; in Flanders you get to vote for flemish parties, in Walloon for walloon parties and in Brussels you get to vote for french and dutch speaking parties. Only, there is a problem. Brussels is not a constituency on its own. For decades now Brussels falls under the constituency Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde. This means that the municipalities that fall under Halle and Vilvoorde (which are a part of Flanders and NOT Brussels) get to vote for the french parties that run in Brussels. Translation; Walloons who move to the districts around Brussels can still vote for french representatives in the capitol. This is what makes that Brussels' government is mostly french speaking and has led to a lot of headaches for any dutch speaking citizen trying to get around in their so called bilingual capitol.

Fed up with this, we actually went to the Court of Arbitration who came to the conclusion that the existence of the constituency Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde is against our constitution and it should be split up as soon as possible. Of course, the Walloons can't laugh with this and are doing everything to stop this from happening. They demand huge compensations in case that they do relent. Flanders sadly enough remains divided and are too busy stabbing themselves in the back to unite over this problem and force the constitution through.

So now, after our prime minister has decided that this point is not worth a crisis of government, there has been a lot of criticism. Finally, he relented and said he'd tackle the issue. And what is his solution? TO CHANGE THE FRAKKING CONSTITUTION! Thank you, Verhofstadt. It's great to know that you as a flemish politician are so quick to screw over the people who voted for you. Thanks a lot. My fate in politics is restored now. WHERE THE HELL ARE THOSE DEMONSTRATIONS? BLOODY IDIOT!

And let's not even touch the subject of Europe sending a FRENCH SPEAKING Romanian to the hospitals in Brussels and deciding that she had no problems at all to be understood. Marvelous. ASSHATS.
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Because [livejournal.com profile] janegaudi has been posting about this and it truly is crazy, I'd just like to put some things down.

1. It is not normal that people die because the "Mobile UrgencyGroup" (MUG) does not speak dutch. If you have a MUG team that you know has to work in a dutch and a french side of the country, then you must made sure your team is capable of doing its job properly. That means that they know enough dutch to understand what the person calling with an emergency is saying and that you are capable of following directions in dutch. That people die because the language differences prevented you from fully understanding the state of emergency or getting there on time is BAD. If you refuse to get a fully bilangual staff for the MUG, then split up the areas and get seperate MUG teams. If it were the other way around, you can bet your ass that Walloon would have spoken up by now. However, it seems that you people don't give a damn about what happens to your own citizens. Don't you think it's outrageous that we actually have to take it to Europe in the hope that someone will listen?

2. Verhofstadt, I don't give a frak that you think Brussel-Halle-Vilvoorde isn't worth a goverment crisis. You're nothing more than a puppet of the french socialists. What is happening here is directly against our constitution and this should have been fixed years ago. It is not normal that in Flemish-Brabant people are capable of voting for french parties in Brussels. You promised a whole lot when you became prime minister and I have yet to see one good thing come from your government. Failing to push this point on to the agenda like everyone promised they would do will only disillusion the flemish population more and will mean even more votes for extreme right. You said that the success of your government would reflect itself in how well extreme right will do in the next elections. Well, at least you'll be right about that.
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Mom: Do you know how many security officers Bush has with him?
Jara: Errrrr *clueless* 150?
Mom: 800. He even brought his own two limousines with him. *continues talking about security* Can you imagine how paranoid that guy is?
Jara: He knows he has a reason to be paranoid.
Mom: Yeah well, in that case he can stay home and send us an email. We don't want to hear his crap here anyway.


Feb. 21st, 2005 07:04 pm
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Heh. The channel here that shows Stargate, Smallville, Enterprise etc has for a while now been doing this thing where instead of showing a logo or a random person as image to show you what channel you're on during commercials, they take images from the series they have. So a few months ago, you frequently got to see Lex or Clark right before they go into their next break. Last week, Sam showed up in her white coat and Jack in civies. Today? The eye zoom on the Jack from the beginning of "Smoke and Mirrors". Maybe I should be disturbed that I recognised his eye. *snerks*

In other news, Bush is in Belgium. I have this insane urge to go throw a bomb. Security has been insane. The whole of Brussels has been pretty much inaccessible. People weren't allowed to go to work because Mr Bush got off his ass. I'm sorry but it's ridiculous. I get that they need to have a tight security but this is a bit much. When the lady Hawk came not so long ago, there were immediate arguments between her security and the belgian security. I mean immediate. Right on the airport. Condoleezza Rice's security went "this is our plane!" Belgian agents bitchslapped them with a "this is our country" reply.

ETA: Watch Bush's speech and see the belgian crest. Promotion for our country, and yet it kinda irks me too. Don't utter that nonsense while standing close to my crest! We don't share your POV! =oP
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Bush probably watches cartoons. Sad thing, he also uses them to base his foreign politics on.

Take a look at this part from Beauty and the Beast )

Coincidence? I think not ;o)


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