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The bad: I failed the exam and I'm not sure if I want the papers to see how badly I did.

The good: Luka Bloom was great. He was definitely on crack or something. Oh man, I laughed so hard. He made some nice pokes at Condoleezza Rice as she was in Brussels and he was wondering if the huge amount of police was assigned to protect her or to harrass her and drag her off to Den Haag for crimes against humanity. There was talk about how he doesn't sing through his ass, but sometimes does talk through it. About the Irish now wanting to retire in Belgium as it's getting more relaxing than Ireland. He seemed to love to say the word "Dendermonde" and kept repeating in dutch how the show was sold out and that is his favourite dutch word.

Also note that the opening show was really good. Some girl called "Sabrina Dinan". Wow, she's got a great voice and I think Claira would love her as it's somewhere in the genre of Missy Higgins (or however you write that).

The FH news: O'Malley just took over Tex.
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Woke up with the urge to listen to old Crowded House songs and popped the debut album in my stereo. It's been a while since I listened to it and just like always it's homecoming. Still know all the words to the songs and end up singing them all and yet, I'm definitely not the same person that I used to be when I heard these the first time. How long is it now? Eleven years.

Tell you about myself
If you're in the mood to listen
Baby you don't know who you're kissing
This a lonely world
You are a strange companion
When you get what you wanted
You wanna leave
Honestly I want to free myself
From the burden of inaction
Honestly I want to raise myself
To any plane I can imagine

I feel like I've said it all before. Like there's nothing to add. Most of my conversations end up being pretty empty and meaningless. When anyone brings up the job thing, I can't wait to get up and flee the room. The closest thing to a conversation I had was with my aunt this weekend when we were debating racism and the decline of society. I pleaded for a new revolution. It's been a while since I pushed my mind to wrap itself around a serious discussion. I think I need to practice.

Feeling devastated
That's what I call
Hangin' on and falling over
That's what I call
Tired and deflated
That's what I call

Damn you, Hester.


Feb. 3rd, 2005 01:31 am
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Luka Bloom, how much do I love thee? There is always something comforting and *right* in his music. As if the world just fits and makes sense to him in a way that I am far away from comprehending. But you know that once you get there, it will all be good. Doesn't really make sense, alas. It's odd because his songs aren't all happy and fluffy. Some deal with some very dark subjects and yet... his music makes me feel at peace. It must be great to be able to carry that in your heart and spread it out amongst the people who listen to your music. Maybe, I should tell him that the next time I get to talk to him for a minute instead of standing there dumbfound and mumbling a "thank you" that just doesn't seem enough.

Alone too long, the night became her lover
She knew that he'd been waiting all this time
With dreams and magic pictures to uncover
Now that all that earthly sadness was behind


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