Oct. 10th, 2005 12:38 pm
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I went to the movies with my sister and her boyfriend last night, two in a row. Broken Flowers and Nightwatch. Broken Flowers is kinda okay but slow and too bad they forgot the ending.

Nightwatch )

ETA: Facts is again this year and Corin Nemec and Don Davis are coming. I'm going to have to go, aren't I?
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It's a tad confusing that I can completely adore Troy for what it is, but can now with KoH. Okay, there is the huge difference that one of those movies is completely boring and the other is actually quite interesting, but it's more than that. My annoyance with KoH starts with the fact that they took something that really happened and failed to bring the events to life. Instead they offered half truths and went for the pure entertainment because god forbid we might actually learn something.

Troy is based on fiction, a story that has been told and retold through the ages and does not have to be exactly the same at all times. Which is odd for me to say, because you should hear me criticise book adaptions (Bram Stoker's Dracula comes to mind). Only, the Iliad stopped being Homerus story a long time ago. (If there ever was a Homerus). Centuries have passed in which other story tellers have made it their own. For some reason I manage to see Troy as just another version from another story teller.

Of course beside that there is the fact that the cast of Troy actually makes the movie (I'm mostly thinking of Pitt and Bana, I never was a Brad Pitt fan but I learned to appreciate him as Achilles). KoH however has a huge cast that fails to make any of the roles alive. Although, Orlando Bloom actually acts in KoH while he's just bad in Troy.

*frowns* Did I have a point here somewhere? Oh yeah, I miss my Achilles icon.
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I wasn't really expecting anything from this movie, except huge anachronisms (and we got those). But er... dude, boring. This is an action movie you say? Best thing about the movie is the music. Orlando Bloom wasn't as awful as he was in Troy, so that's something I guess.

Ugh. Sad really. There aren't many movies who have dealt with this theme. They could have done some very interesting things with it. I'm sad this is all they managed to do.

Moving on.
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I get my movie tickets from An as she can get them at half the prize. We usually buy a bunch beforehand and those are good for a year. Strangely enough, the tickets we still had are expiring by the end of the month (and we haven't had them for a year yet). So now we have to go see a lot of movies. Well, I have 2 left after tonight but my sis and her boyfriend can go watch another 6.

We went to see Million Dollar Baby which was actually quite good. Sadly enough 4 punks (they already got in 30 minutes too late and had to do this while talking and climbing over the seats) decided to make havoc and started talking LOUDLY (and I'm not exagerating because we were sitting on the other side of the room) to the frakking most emotional scene in the entire movie. They now have a system where you can SMS security with the number of the room and someone must have done this, because a little while later security came to check things out. Sadly, they must have noticed this because they had left only minutes prior to that. Then about 15 minutes later they showed up again. This time someone slipped out and went to personally get the security who then came in and frog marched them outside. Anyway, nice movie. I want an icon of Maggy punching the speedball. *nods*

Next on the list was The Machinist. Which was a good movie but kinda dull at moments. Dude, that actor must have ruined his body so badly for this role. And they're really fond of the faded colours in this too.

Came home and watched the latter half of BSG. Still love Kara, omg and how. *loves her so much and wants a Kara of her own*


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