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Apparently there was a bomb alert in the station here as everything was set off and we were guided by policemen and firemen to quickly exist the perimeter. Somehow I doubt it will turn out to be real, though. Unless it's the start of the Belgian Civil War. Dammit, I just have to live on the front line of that one.

In other news, I went to The Star Wars Exhibition on Monday. Things I learned there:
- Natalie Portman is wee.
- Liam Neeson has big feet.
- Carrie Fisher is even more wee than Natalie Portman.

I saw the golden bikini, omg! And both Fett's armours which is totally awesome. And the statue of Han in carbonite. And Yoda! And an Ewok, and C3PO and R2D2, and Anakin's padawan outfit etc. But most importantly, Darth Vader's costume. Which is awesome and he most certainly was not wee.

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I keep trying to update and I keep failing at it. So I'm just going to kick my own ass and do it instead of being avoidy.

Work is doing good. I'm well within the code complete deadline with everything, though I'm sure I'll get some bugs to fix, but then that's pretty normal. This week they announced the positions that are open internally in the company and people get to apply for it. I glanced at it, but realised that it was all way too soon so I wasn't going to apply until the manager came tapping on my shoulder and said that I should. I was told that if he tells you to, you really have to do it because chances are you will get the position. Which... zomg, too early for me to move up from junior, but then I'm not going to argue about a promotion? Just bzuh!

I downloaded Ark of Truth yesterday so I will have to find time to look at it. So weird to have canon to watch!

Yesterday was the new FMA chapter and without really spoiling anything; I want Roy back omg! We haven't seen him in ages and it feels like Armstrong is taking over the position of main military character (if there was such a thing) and I just miss my Roy omg. Give me more Roy and Riza talking code or conspiracies or... anything! Yes, I'm obsessed.

Oh and I watched Star Wars Episode III yesterday again. Oy, Anakin is a dumbass. There's a Star Wars exhibition in Brussels for a few months which I will have to go too. Wheeee!

Star Wars

May. 20th, 2005 10:52 pm
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I didn't expect anything from the movie and it turned out quite alright.

Spoilers as Jara ponders the continuity of it all )

Getting in the movie was an adventure too. I was going to meet with my sister there at 16:30. I got there half an hour early and bought my ticket (she had told me not to buy for them too so I didn't). I was keeping an eye on the seats. They were playing the movie twice at 17:00 and once at 17:30. Only one of those (at 17:00) was a digital version (the one I bought a ticket for). It seemed most of the sessions had attracted very few people. Still 450 seats free in both versions at 17:00 so I don't worry about them not getting any seats. Until it's suddenly 16:30, my sisters hasn't shown up yet and in five minutes time both sessions at 17:00 are full up. Major freak out, of course my sister her mobile is turned off. Then it seems the screening I was going to watch is suddenly no longer in the room it says on my ticket. When my sister shows up, I'm like "dude, there are no more tickets and only a few left for 17:30!" Apparently the digital projector broke and they needed to bring the two sessions together. It was no problem though, I could go to the 17:00 one or the 17:30 one, whichever I preferred and my sister bought tickets for 17:30. Strangely enough, while the girl claimed there were no digital screenings anymore, we still ended up seeing a digital one. And dude, this movie was anything but full. I think they just didn't have a big enough audience and so they decided to show it in just one room instead of two and made up some lame excuse. Apparently all screenings for the rest of the evening had already been sold out though.

Ugh my puter is slow.


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