Aug. 11th, 2005 01:14 pm
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I hereby boycot Claira's poll because she is discriminating all Kara fans in favour of the Lee fans.

As a Kara fan I find this unfair and I demand a new poll to be made in which us Kara fans have an "I want Kara all to myself" clickity option (it's a technical term).
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My dad is more gullible than I'd have thought. I come up stairs after the dishes and he's standing there telling me how he was looking something up and look what he got. I go look at his screen and there's some big flashing add saying how he won x number of travel money.

Me: "Er yeah, that's what they call spam."
Dad: "But it's from firefox, look" *points at the standard "mozilla firefox" text in the menubar.
Me: "Er no, it's random spam."
Dad *grumbles*: "Have it your way, but don't complain to me later."


Mar. 27th, 2005 03:21 pm
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Claira: I just remember you going "I'm not crushing on the actress. I just don't warm to her."
Jara: well, if she has those extensions in her hair, i won't warm to her
Jara: i'll be going "OMG KATEE! You're so much hotter with Kara hair!!!!"
Claira: HA.
Jara: and she'll be like "bite me, bitch"
Claira: I thought she looked pretty.
Jara: and i'll be like "gladly"
Claira: oh, you have it SO BAD.
Jara: and then i'll be kicked out for biting one of the guests
Jara: i can see the headers
Claira: So can I.
Jara: "Fan banned for life out of all conventions for biting guest stars"
Jara: Her only defence was that she thought the guest star was too hot not to bite. She blames it all on a Voyager episode called Blood Fever wherein a character bites another character to show her attraction.
Jara: Although, perhaps the guest star - Katee Sackhoff - was looking for trouble by wearing a tattoo with the words "bona fiscale" (public property).
Claira: omg *dies*
Jara: *blushes*
Claira: you crack me up
Jara: :p
Jara: am i obsessed?
Claira: YES OMG
Jara: cool
Jarax: is it cute?
Claira: yes
Claira: very
Claira: *pinches cheeks*
Jara: damn
Jara: i should probably post this to lj
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CLaira: You're ONLINE. OMG.
Jara: lol
Jara: yes, i am
Jara: *cuddles*
Claira: *crash tackles*
Claira: I've been WAITING.
Claira: I think I'm in love with Kara. *laughs*
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Bush probably watches cartoons. Sad thing, he also uses them to base his foreign politics on.

Take a look at this part from Beauty and the Beast )

Coincidence? I think not ;o)


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