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Kara as cowboy in a long rain coat and a cowboy hat, smoking a stogie is hot. I don't care if it's completely insane. And yes, it's hot when she tries to pick Sam, the Sheriff's daughter, up. So nerh.

Fic rec

Sep. 2nd, 2005 02:45 pm
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I still can't get over the fact that someone who isn't Lyssie or me wrote Sam/Kara fic. And yes, this could easily be lifted out of one of our rps. Everything to it rings true and it has the same sort of twist Lyssie and I seem to give to them.

And damn, they are so frakking hot. I can honestly not imagine a pairing that is any hotter than them.

Btw, I'm crushing on Ben Browder.


Jul. 5th, 2005 02:53 am
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Update. Right. *thinks*

Finished reading Order of the Phoenix for the second time. McGonagall still kicks ass.

Don't have a job yet.

Told my sis I'm not going to France with them. Which was confusing because first I was invited, then she said there wasn't room for the last day and then she said she'd try to see if there was room after all for the last day, but I told her not to bother.

Apparently I have decided on the tyrannian krawk (it's a spinosaurus!) as I now have bought a tyrannian paint brush. Er, the krawk trans potion will take a little while longer.

I like lesbians. I happily watched Tipping the Velvet. Oh wow, hot sex scenes in the first hour. My brain melted and my girl in men's clothes fetish is satisfied for a little while. Oh, Kitty Butler. *sighs*

Victor Krum is hot too, though. I think I might reread Goblet of Fire.

Kara however remains hottest. Although, aother online interview kinda put me off Katee again. Yes, my crush is most definitely with Kara (although Katee is sometimes cute even if her fashion statements are tragic).

SG promo pics are as tragic as always. BSG is trying to compete with their stiffness, but they need to learn a bit more.

I want my Lyssie back.

Yaay, lesbians.


Mar. 22nd, 2005 12:33 pm
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Gods, now I even have writer's block for my lj posts. *kicks self*

I keep having these odd dreams, yesterday it was about my thesis and having arguments with my advisors. The day before I was a mother of two boys and a girl, civilisation had ended after the entire world iced over. Only, now the ice was rapidly melting and only the goverment knew where the land was. They had selected a random few families to be led to the land while the rest would more than likely drown. It took a lot of begging and persuading for me to be allowed on one of the boats. My two songs died under way, one fell overboard and drowned. Then they started accusing me of killing them.

My unhappiness with my writing just keeps increasing. Part 4 of the Sam/Kara fic is betaed but I'm being blocked in the editing. I'm completely uninspired and when I have an idea, I tend to give up on it after the first paragraph.

In the meanwhile femslash is the new black for me. I want more Kara/Sam fic and possibly Chiana/Sizoku, I'm sure Amy didn't have that pairing in mind when she tried to draw me into Farscape. Also, Kara/Helo would be very welcome.
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Had a dream. A good one. I went to the Netherlands on holiday. I know, I know, but wait for it. While there, I actually met Katee Sackhoff. I don't remember what she was doing there, but I was geeking out anyway. She was sweet and a tad shy (huh?) and actually knew dutch. We got to know each other and fell in love (my subconscience is so dilusional). Had passionate sex (of which I don't remember anything but I'm sure it was there).

Alas, then my holiday was over and I had to leave. We were both angsting a lot and not wanting to let go of each other. I wanted her to come with me but that wasn't quite an option so we had to stick to promising that I'd be back.

Frak, she's hot. *wants her*
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I'm a shipper. When I watch a show/movie, I tend to pick out a couple that I like and I will squee until they get together (and longer if it's written well). I can give you a long list of pairings in shows that I either adore or just like. (Sam/Jack, Harm/Meg, Carter/Abby, Carter/Lucy, Mark/Susan, Lorelai/Luke, Paris/B'Elanna, Dax/Bashir, Crusher/Picard, John/Aeryn, Wes/Fred, Han/Leia, ... heck I even have a Smallville pairing and I think the show isn't all that great.)

Ponderings of Kara/Lee and Kara/Sam )

I confess

Jan. 22nd, 2005 11:45 pm
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Okay, fine. I have a thing for blondes.


Jan. 12th, 2005 04:48 pm
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Yes, my dear friends, I am turning into a slasher. I am currently shipping 5 different slash pairings: Boba Fett/Vader, Ripley/Call, girl!Jack/Sam, Paris/Rory and Starbuck/Sam.


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