Nov. 13th, 2006 08:37 pm
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Went to Brussels with Kurt. Yay! He promised to make shocking statements to go onto lj, but I think he forgot. *frowns at him* Anyway, here's a rundown;

1. We both had the prettiest messenger bags in the city.
2. The waitress at the place we ate spilled ice tea on me. We think she was trying to keep Kurt for herself.
3. Kurt's hair is now really short and very fluffy. Yay fluffy hair!
4. He bought me 'Night Watch' special edition on DVD! *bounces* Now I got to find some time to watch it. (Which granted I picked myself because we always buy our presents for each other together, but he did gift wrap it right there in the store.)
5. Fnac is pissing me off. They reorganised their store completely last time I was there. The seperation between sections with dutch and french books/DVDs/software etc has always been there, but now the Dutch DVD section was halved. The Dutch section of comics is actually only half a section as half of it is still French and a little bit of English. And so it goes on with everything.
6. Kurt completely confused the guy at the Waterstone. Poor kid was so crushing he forgot it was afternoon and not evening.
7. Kurt has declared that he has a life long subscription to the fitness (or at least until he cancels it) and that when he tucks in his belly just a bit, he's looking really yummy. We were glad to find this out.
8. Crowded House - Farewell to the World isn't in the stores yet. U2 - ZOO TV is however. I want both.


Sep. 20th, 2005 07:28 pm
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Brussels with Kurt. It had been a while so it was good to see him back and hear he got out of a nasty car accident in one piece. Wonder above wonder, he actually wanted to eat belgian fries and so we had lunch and dinner there. He approved of my Ben Browder crush although I don't think he's impressed with me naming my kid Cameron. Hmmm. He thinks Sheppard is hotter than Cam. Bah. But he also likes Claudia Black. Why does it take SG for me to start appreciating FS more? Weird.

Anyway, I had a mature question. Cut for the young ones )

I'm a shopping hussy. I bought Ladyhawke (out of youth sentiment) and HP: Prisoner of Azkaban. And then in the mail arrived the amazon order so I also have North & South, Twelfth Night and the new David Gray cd.
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Tired. With four hours of sleep I went to the sea with Kurt. Weather was nice, a bit windy and there weren't too many people. I think we walked more than we do in Brussels and that's saying something *exhausted* I actually had quite a few things to say but after having to still ride home on my bike, eating, having a bath and logging on, I've become braindead. (Also might have to do with Lyssie announcing that she wrote Kara/Lee and my brain instantly breaking.) Let's also not discuss the fact that I never slid off the dike if it weren't for Kurt's arm. (Yes, I was fully intent on dragging Kurt down with me if I had to go and did not let go of him for a sec, good thing he's so steady on his feet.)

Heh. They have wooden benches along the front where you can sit down and watch the beach and the sea. The benches don't have any back support though, so Kurt and I sat down on one and put our backs against each other. We just sat there for a while, looking around is and sometimes making a comment. I'm not sure what exactly was going on, but when we decide to get up again, there is a guy taking pictures of us. Bwah. People are odd.
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Went to Brussels with Kurt and can barely stand on my feet right now. Pizza Hut was out to get me as they gave me bad Ice Tea but the apple with cherry juice later made up for it.

What does it say when Kurt has to look for me for confirmation on what he's ordering to eat? Yeah, maybe we need to go eat elsewhere but they closed the pancake house and I miss it so.

I love Brussels. It's like coming home. Very few cities feel like this.

Damn, didn't get to the speculoos ice cream. *sighs* And there were no magazines with Starbuck in it. There was a pretty poster of Sam though but I was feeling cheap.
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Ah, finally back. I had so much to say, and so much Starbuck to ramble about!

First things first. I went to Brussels with Kurt yesterday and he now knows all about my crush on Starbuck. My quest for pants and shoes kinda got put aside in favour of finding the Battlestar Galactica miniseries. Not that I found it. I had a long discussion with the guy at the media market before we agreed that we were both talking about the same thing, only for him to tell me that they had it for a short time but just in French and even these copies were sold out.

Luckily I managed to soothe my Starbuck hunger at the Waterstone. They had Starburst with Starbuck on the cover! There were some HOT pictures inside so I bought it. I warned Kurt that it was expensive but it didn't seem to ring through to him until the guy at the register repeated the prize. At which point I declared (rather loudly) that "Starbuck is worth it". Kurt's response of course was; "But I'm prettier." The guy at the register looked up, eyed Kurt and went; "No no no no no no!" *pats Kurt who was insulted for the rest of the day* But damn, Starbuck IS hot.

Spoilers ahoy for Episode 7 and 8 )

Oh, for those interested. I'm working on part three of my Kara/Sam fic right now. *bounces*


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