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Nov. 30th, 2005 07:37 pm
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So, I went to the exam. Apparently they had 115 people applying. Only 49 agreed to come to the exam and only about 20 people showed up. I have no clue how it went. Not OMG amazingly great. Probably more on the bad side, I dunno. It wasn't really what I was expecting from it. *shrugs* The whole thing kinda depressed me, really. Another jobless historian trying to get work in archiving. Yeah, pretty much. Wasn't the only one there.

Bah. I shall go cheer myself up with CamWolf. I had way too much fun on FH with him last night.
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I'm not sure what I hate most. When they just don't reply to your application or when they send you a big fat no. And then have the nerve to state that they probably didn't even read yours because they already filled the position (before their date of closing the applications). Right. I'm sure they didn't already have someone in mind when they put the application up. /sarcasm

I got my mom's cold. You know, I hate it when your nostrils feels all dry when you breath. Am headachy too and just generally blah. But that's a constant by now.

Watched ER yesterday and it was about Neela trying to find a job outside of medicine. She went to all these kind of shops to try and get a position (probably assuming those are easy) and they turned her down for no experience until she finally gets to sell stuff in a sort of supermarket. See, for the first time I can feel like I can relate. Okay, not that I've tried a coffeeshop or a clothes store yet because I so know they won't want me as my French is too horrible. It's stupid when I keep angsting about people having jobs on telly. Leads to lots of angst. /self pity as it's totally self created

I think my eye is getting dry too. Hrmph.
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*takes a moment to bitch*

Okay, how the fuck do you expect me to get a job with my degree if you don't announce the vacancies to everyone? Apparently our town just hired this young girl with a history degree to become city archivist. Nice for her and all that, but it would have been nice if the town actually announced they were hiring someone so other people could have applied. Wonder who her daddy is. *grumbles and gets depressed*

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