Aug. 9th, 2006 12:37 pm
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So I had adopted a Lupe that I was planning on zapping with the labray for a very long time. Now today, I zap him and he turned Tyrannian. I know this is one of the less rare brushes, but damnit if I don't love it. He looks awesome and now I'm not sure I can stand zapping him again, but that'd be a waste of my labray and it isn't all that rare. *flail*

jaradax got their Neopet at
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I just spend two hours trying to map my tomb in the new neopets plot in photoshop. Whoops.

Got a telephone call from Adecco this morning and she's going to send my resumé to Coca Cola. Heh. *keeps her fingers crossed*

I've been wanting to do this rant about reality tv and the decline of society, but my brain is kinda refusing to cooperate.


Jul. 10th, 2005 01:12 pm
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Dude, I'm nervous about tuesday. *takes deep breath* I'm also thirsty.

I gave in on neopets and am now the proud owner of a tyrannian krawk. He's so cool and it's a spinosaurus!

Random fact: I don't like my belly button. When I was born, I had a navel rupture which makes that it has a rather odd shape that I have never seen with anyone else. So yes, I have a navel complex.

My krawk kicks ass.
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So, I've been saving for a very long time to get a maraquan draik (cute and pretty!). My recent investments in the stockmarket have been very profitable and I'm 400k away from being able to buy that maraquan paint brush. Then it's a matter of saving up or waiting for the lab ray to zap my pet into a draik.

However, there was another pet that I was considering before I decided on the draik and that was the tyrannian krawk (because dude, it's just awesome). Now all of a sudden, I'm wondering if I wouldn't rather have the krawk. I'm actually a good 200k away from being able to get both the items I need for this pet (even though that means I'll be virtually broke again, not counting the 700k I have invested in stocks which is earning me a nice 100 to 200k on a weekly basis lately).

To cut a long question short; should I get the krawk or the draik?
[Poll #521337]

PS: The pet I will be converting is named Thoran_Huan, in case you're wondering.
PPS: OMG Amy! I even showed your daughter the neopets. Why do you think she kept being so fascinated by the computer?
PPPS: [ profile] perihawk and [ profile] poohmusings, you should talk. Go feed your pets.
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There are two Draik Transmogrification Potion up in auctions for an amazingly low prize. One auction will last for another 2-8 hours, another 8-24 hours. And still idiots keep bidding and bidding on these items as if their lives depend on it. The only thing they're doing is driving up the prize and in the end someone who bids on it for the first time will run off with the item.

Gah. This annoys me so much. I mean, don't they have any brains? If you think about it longer than 1 minute, you know you're only screwing yourself over (and everyone else interested in the item).


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