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Deadlines again
Feel like hiding out
No sign of comfort yet
Have a nap while no ones looking
Bring some inspiration to the man
In my head
A namesake out of reach
Strange days upon us now
we leave the dust of conversation
Hanging in the light above the bed

Leave me now
Cos tonight it's driving me mad
I guess I'll be all right
But tonight it's driving me mad
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Yaay! The concert was amazing, even Kurt thinks so. I had a wonderful evening, great music and good company.

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So to round this post off. The concert was great. Sadly enough, the sound wasn't 100%. Hated that it seemed to go a bit at the cost of Neil's voice, but they did sort it out a bit. I think I do like Neil Finn concerts better than Finn Brothers. I just never got into Split Enz that much, and I think Neil just has a better repertoire to dig from. Sorry, I'm just not big on Tim. Notice how my eyes were constantly on Neil the whole frakking time? Still, it was a great concert. I wouldn't have missed it for anything in the world. In a way, I think it also was a goodbye to Paul Hester.
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Okay, I'm gonna do something I normally wouldn't do as challenges don't really work for me, but just maybe I'll get inspired.

So er yes, gimme challenges. You know what I watch, you know which pairings will break my brain so please avoid those. Gimme a pairing/character and a sentence, title or situation/setting. I'm not promising anything, but I'll try.

ETA: I'm actually pissed off at the Finn Brothers for releasing a limited edition after the first release of their CD. I really thought they'd never screw me over like this. I hate those commercial stunts to get your fans to buy more. And yes, I'll probably buy the edition because OMG new things but it also means that I'm not going to buy the DVD singles and just stick to the CD. Dude, Neil, I'm disappointed.

Neil Finn

Jan. 23rd, 2005 03:01 am
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Sometimes I forget but every time I put his music on, it's like coming home.


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