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I have ten days off in a row. How awesome is that? The longest vacation I've had since I started working. Wheeee! December I'm going to have 13 days off. I'll probably be heading over to Boulder, CO to visit my sis then.

We went to the store earlier. Of course, it was crazy busy. Either way, I got myself a shiny new external harddrive. It's a Toshiba, 1TB. They said it would be formatted at the factory, which it wasn't. So I'm formatting it right now.

I also bought House of the Flying Daggers. It was pretty cheap and came in a shiny metal box. Shhhh. Add that to the entire Babylon 5 series I bought on Amazon (and the order I'm going to place soonish with Robin Hood (Disney!) and I'm doing a lot of spending. On the other hand, my sis got me the entire Coupling series on DVD. Which I just saw in the store for a whopping 67€. Which wow... I think it was about a third of that on amazon.
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And the computer had the same mistake when I booted up this morning. So now he's at the store. *sighs* Am using my dad's laptop. Sorta hate it.

I got the BSG comic in the mail this morning. Yay! Thank you, lyssie. *smoooches*

I had lots of fun mocking the US football team yesterday as they got burned with 3-0. I might like the czech team. The goalie is hot. Yay. I like goalies.

S10 promo pics are hot and make me all shippy. Vala/Cam and Sam/Cam is seriously pretty. Too bad there was an airbrush seizure or something. Seriously yo, they're all pretty. They don't need to get airbrushed like that, the lines just add to the hotness. Let them be!

And oy, it's late. I need to go wash.
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So the computer is named Shadowfax.

*sighs at people on IM*

*pats computer*
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ZOMG! I have it! It is shiny and fast! I am in love!

Apparently the drive that crashed not so long ago is near dying, but I wanted to recovered the files from it so they have temporarily installed it into the new computer. I have just finished copying everything from that drive to my new hard drive. The next week, we'll bring the computer in and they'll remove the old drive and replace it with my newer spare drive.

Getting all the settings back to what they are is always a bitch, but I think I'm close to getting right. Still need to install Word again, though.


May. 17th, 2006 04:06 pm
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Not roleplaying is apparently an expensive thing. I just bought a new computer which hopefully will be done by the end of the week. Now's the question how I'm going to fit all my files onto one harddrive to let the store people install it into the computer too.

ETA: My future computer:
- Processor
- Casing
- Graphic card
- Motherboard
- 2x RAM
- HD

So I'm really investing here, but if I'm going to put money in it, I might as well pay a bit more and know that it will last me longer.


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