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Nathalie wanted to have a family picture as Christine will be leaving for the US soon. So, my dad came warn me to get decent. I hate pictures, I seriously do and having pictures taken with the whole family is quite an adventure.

So we started out inside the house. Youri was helpfully supplying comments from the side which led to us trying very hard to not start laughing. It took a while, but apparently my dad managed to get some decent shots. Part one finished, part two would take us into the guarden.

My mom gets the fabulous idea that a marble table we have outside should be in the picture. She has this really heavy iron bowl on top of it that's filled with water for the birds, so the bowl would have to be taken down. Cue to my mom trying to move it while it's still full of water. And then of course, the water gets spilled. Not only on the decour where we're supposed to stand, but also on her skirt. Everyone was reduced to giggle fits as we blamed our mom of sabotaging the photoshoot.

We still managed to get all the pictures taken, but there was a lot of mocking and trying to get strange objects on the pictures. My mom had the marvelous idea of putting a flower pot on the table, but everyone shot that one down. Although, the table was just weird. I think Youri should have sat on it or something. I dunno.

Misty declared us all crazy and went hiding under a bush, but then she's allergic to flee bites and has no right to complain. Poor sneezy cat. I do think there might actually be a decent shot of me in there somewhere. Yay!

Bed please

Jul. 5th, 2006 11:29 am
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I had that meeting this morning. You know, the one where I get threatened with sanctions if I don't show up for something I asked for. The conclusion pretty much is that she doesn't understand why I haven't found work yet and maybe it's my personality, but not to worry because I will find the right company. Yay optimism. I'm considering backing that one up by doing a computer course. The personality thing has me laughing though because that's so the story of my life.

On my way home, I got pounced by the guy who convinced me to run as candidate for our town's elections. He wants me to join up again. I told him no and he shouldn't be so fucking surprised as he screwed us over last time and decided he didn't need our input before going into a coalition with the catholics. Whatever. I'm not gonna play your strawman again.

Yesterday my sister had her bday BBQ early. There was a small miracle going on as for the first time in my life any pictures that they tried to take of me were actually good. Apparenlty I even looked social on one. It only took 25 years. Everyone was speechless.
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I start this sunday, like any other sunday. With a bath. Only, when I stand up in the bath to get out, I'm suddenly feeling way to hot and I can feel it rush up to my head. My sight starts going and I know that if I don't sit down now, I'll be falling down. Sitting down carefully, the feeling goes away but I'm still not feeling too hot. Although, my mom says that feeling too hot is exactly what caused it. She says I take my baths too warm and it's unhealthy and I could have fainted right there.

Hrm. Maybe. Still don't feel too well. Been dizzy the entire day and I got a headache now. I just got home from a family thing for my mom's birthday. Nathalie made us lunch and there were desserts and stuff, but I pretty much zoned out for the entire thing. There was this one moment where I lie down and for some reason while I've been cold the entire day, it feels like my brain is heating up.

Of course, this means I didn't get to do any studying today either. *sighs*

And I'm feeling pathetically needy that I come online and look around hoping that someone missed me. *looks around* No? Don't answer that.

Ugh, lj's still a bitch apparently. *pokes her icons*


Feb. 16th, 2005 12:23 pm
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Dreamt I was meeting up with [livejournal.com profile] mrv3000, [livejournal.com profile] nandamai and [livejournal.com profile] nique. We had a great time exploring the town, don't remember much of it though. Anyway. Michelle and nanda had to catch a bus home at the same time. It were those huge two deck busses. Approaching traffic lights, nanda's bus keeled over, falling on top of Michelle's bus and squashing it against a brick wall. Everyone in Michelle's bus was dead. =oS

In other news, my mom just called. I pick up the telephone here upstairs (because I'm behind my puter) and she asks me to look up a phone number. As her notebook is downstairs I tell her that I'm going to go and pick the phone up there. She responds in an exasperated and annoyed voice "Aren't you up yet?" (granted, I'm having looooong sleeps *g*) So I get defensive and go "Yes, I am but I was upstairs so I picked up here." Yaaay, snippiness.

*sighs* I probably should stop procrastinating.
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Just random news and thoughts about pretty much anything.

Homefront )

Battlestar Galactica (no spoilers, just about a possibile S2) )

Stargate fandom )

I need more Starbuck icons and the DVD from amazon *pokes it*

Also, would the mailman mind and please deliver my Farscape DVD's now?
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I went to bed last night around 4am and my mom still hadn't come home. I didn't really sleep, I heard everything around me as I was half alert for when my mom would return. She didn't and around 7am my sister called me and asked if our mom had come home or not. When I said she wasn't, my sis told me how my dad was more lucid when she left the hospital last night. He had been able to remember more things and was talking alright.

My mom came hom about an hour later, I got up and went to talk to her. She pretty much confirmed what my sis said and told me to get back to bed (not that I had slept before that). I did manage to get some shut eye then, although I still kept tossing and turning but as I woke up around 12:30 I guess I must have gotten around three hours which is something.

Christine called from India. She managed to get an earlier flight but even so, that's only still on saturday. Things are looking better though. They expected my dad to have another seizure during the night but he didn't, so that's a good thing. They still don't know what caused it and the doctor is intend on finding that out first as he is not in a group that is hgh at risk for such things.

*huge big knuffels to anyone wo responded last night* I highly appreciate your support and if I have the heart, I will try to respond later on. Just know that it really means something to me to have so many people looking out for me. *snuggles her flist.

Oh, and slight GIP. The icon is not on topic but I was making this when everything started last night. I did finish it to distract myself and I am very proud of it. It's the pretty, even if I say so myself.


Jan. 18th, 2005 11:31 pm
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My sister just called as they did the tests. It shows that he did have a brain haemorrhage in the part where speach and motor skills are located. They believe however that he will recover fully but they're keeping him in observation for at least ten days and will try to determine what caused the haemorrhage. At the moment he is able to speak again, he just doesn't remember a lot. He doesn't know who my sis is, doesn't know the name of our home town or anything like that. They think this is caused by the epilepsy attack and he will be disorientated for a while but should start remembering things again.

That all sounds good so far. Let's just hope the further tests are positive as well.

*knuffels flist* Thanks for the support and huggles. You guys rock.
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I'm home, I'm not sure what I'm doing here but anyway. About two hours ago my mom came to get me and said my dad was acting weird. He couldn't remember a thing, couldn't think and couldn't talk. Very weird, apparently it had been going on for 45 minutes already and she hadn't told anyone. She only came to get me after she had called the doctor. When the doctor came (an idiot btw), my mom told me to call my sis. She turned up a few minutes later with An and Youri. My dad was talking a bit more by that time but was acting very erraticly. All of a sudden I could see his gaze moving oddly, not quite settling on something, as if he wasn't seeing anything. He started making an odd noise and then stiffened up. He probably had an epilepsy attack then. He stiffened up, started drooling, turned completely blue etc. Very freaky.

I think everyone but An and the doctor freaked by then. The doctor said "it's an epilepsy seizure" and only moved when my mom shouted at him to DO SOMETHING. He ran off to get some valium in his car (without giving us any instructions) and let us to handle it. My sister decided the doc was an idiot and called the ambulance. They turned up a few minutes later when my dad had settled down a bit and was snoring loudly. My mom went with my dad in the ambulance, my sister and Youri followed after while An and I gathered some stuff for my dad and locked up the house (paid the fracking doctor) before following too.

He's stable now, I haven't seen him but my mom and sister managed to terrorise the nurse into letting them go inside with my dad. Apparently he is lucid again, he talks a bit more but not easily. He is a bit more responsive but the freaky thing is that he remembers nothing. My sister says he didn't even know who she was and he kept staring at my mom. Theory is that he had a brain haemorrhage which cause the epilepsy attack. They have to do tests on him but of course our local hospital sucks big time and the specialist wasn't even there. My sister, Youri and I returned home to get some more stuff and I staid here. I'm not sure if I want to be here. I'm not sure if I want to be at the hospital either. At least I have some distractions here, but it's not like my mind will be able to settle on anything else right now.

Yotz. I just don't know.
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Something funny to start with )

I went to Leuven with my sister yesterday. My mom is insisting that I buy pants/jeans and shoes. Tried on a pair of shoes, decided I didn't like them, didn't try anything else as my size seemed to be missing from all. Glanced at jeans, decided they were crappy and we went home. Then my mom dragged me out today to buy jeans. I bought a pair so she would shut up about it. I just don't want to restock on jeans when I want to lose weight first. Alas, that doesn't seem to be happening any time soon.

Need to start looking for a job seriously. Kinda scary. Will have to start typing up some letters and send them to the Royal Lirary, the museum and maybe the papers/telly. Not that I'm hopefull that they'll hire me but I can try. I seem to not qualify for the jobs that I find marginally interesting. Ugh. I know partly I'm just looking for excuses to not have to apply for it. I guess somewhere I want to wait until I find something that will make me go "yes, this is the job that I want to have for the rest of my life". Alas, I doubt there is such a thing. Scared!Jara is lookingforexcuses!Jara.

My Farscape unease has settled a bit. I think I might distract myself with the shiny battlestar galatica downloads tonight. Amazon is also blinding me with there 63% off of Stargate boxsets sales. Yes, I might buy S2 and S3 together with the miniseries of BSG. That and we are going to order the Harry Potter book too.

I have no urge to read fanfiction at the moment, despite the long list of fics I need to catch up with from authors that I really like. Instead, I reread [livejournal.com profile] lytarules's White Out and some bad smut in between. Wonder if it has to do with my lack of urge to write anything. I think somewhere along the line I talked myself out of writing all together. I have just become so disgruntled with anything I write down that I don't seem to want to bother to try and finish any fics (let alone start new ones). Is that a sort of depression (I just feel weird since I got back)? It's unsettling to have my mind this quiet without some sort of scenario running through my brain. Normally I am excited about at least something (even if I don't write it down). For a minute there I thought Farscape was going to tickle my muse but now she is quiet about that too. I used to believe that if I didn't make up stories, it was a sign that my soul had died. *looks worried*

That slut meme that has been going around has convinced me that I should have made out with some of the people I met up with. Damn, I'm not enough of a hussy.

Yeah, I really need to make shorter posts, sorry.

Oh yeah, I had an odd dream last night about being in the US and meeting people. I got in a fight with [livejournal.com profile] hyare and then a bit later there was suddenly a war going on. Bombs were going off everywhere and the whole house was surrounded. Luckily [livejournal.com profile] amilyn had a huge stash of weapons, I managed to get a P90 and we started to defend the house. Sadly enough, that's also when my mom woke me up.


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