Apr. 12th, 2011 05:12 pm
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Today is a pretty good day. It did start off all wrong, though. I had this weirdass dream that kind of stuck with me. I was on my honeymoon and our tall was this huge building with a view of Central Park. They'd arranged a suite for us on the roof (there were like little condos on there and it was hard to tell where Central Park began and where the garden on the roof did). For some weirdass reason my family was present at the suite. I'm going with it that they were making sure I didn't run off as the marriage was kind of arranged. To top it off, the hotel was hunted and management would kill off anyone staying at the top floor. There was one window I kept trying to close the curtains to, but somehow they wouldn't stay closed and you'd see the ghosts of another couple running around and being chased down by something.

Yeah, I have no idea. Somehow things got less creepy when I started making out with the reluctant husband... Seriously, no clue. No wonder I was fucking tired when I woke up. (Though the whole being up too late might have something to do with that as well.)

Aaaaaaaaaanyway. Things turned up after that. I got called into a meeting with my direct boss, his boss and someone from HR to tell me that I'm up for promotion. There will be an interview and possibly some tests (they couldn't tell me for sure either), but they recommended me and my chances are pretty good. Normally, unless I seriously stuff things up, it should turn out okay. I'm nervous about jinxing, though. OMG! This would mean more money, bigger bonuses and possible a car...

I need to get my driver's license, but this could considerably help with the loan for the house. I hope. More moneys, please!


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