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Title: Price
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine. Arakawa is too damn awesome to be me.
Spoilers\Set: Not really. Set pre-series. Assumes knowledge of Roy's alchemy teacher.
Characters: Riza Hawkeye & Roy Mustang
A/N: This wasn't betaed. All mistakes are my own. Just a quick sketch of something I had on my mind.


She watched the boy from the doorway; his head bowed low over the book, his black hair hiding his eyes from her. She wondered if he knew that he was tracing transmutation circles on the wood of the table.

It was strange how precise he was in his scientific drawings. She'd cleaned up his notes often enough to recognise his neat and clean drawings. So different from her father's, as if the alchemy circles were as personal as his handwriting. It fascinated her, but not as much as her father wished it did. At least, once he'd wanted her to learn. Now things were different. Everything was different since he'd asked her to keep his secret and Riza knew that he disapproved of her curiosity.

She didn't really want to learn alchemy, anyway. She didn't have a head for it, she supposed. Learning the makeup of an object, calculating its mass to change it into something equal. She liked simple things. She liked being able to see cause and effect. She didn't with alchemy, even if the boy in front of her would argue that it was the same. Perhaps it was for him, but she liked things to be what they were. Just like she preferred the boy's doodles to his alchemic drawings. They weren't neat and orderly. They weren't much better than the drawings of their neighbour's six year old son, but they made her smile.

Alchemy didn't. Her father had stopped smiling the same time he started to disapprove of her curiosity. She'd asked him once why he was teaching the boy alchemy if it made him so unhappy and he'd asked her if she would pay for everything instead.

"Hello, miss Riza."

She startled and found herself staring into dark eyes. She quickly glanced at her feet. "I am sorry to interrupt you, but would you like some tea?" she asked quickly, remembering why she had come to the study to begin with.

"I would. Very much." When she glanced up briefly, she found him smiling at her and his hand was now lying still on the tabletop.

With a nod, she went to the kitchen and as she poured his tea, Riza wondered if he knew. If her father had told him about that other side of alchemy. She didn't want him to stop smiling.
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