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God, I think I can turn my dream into a book or movie. It was pretty full on.

I was this general (yeah and a guy) or whatever rank it was, in charge of a division. It was a pretty medieval/fantasy army and we were stationed around this huge cathedral like building that was actually the king's seat. There was commotion in town so I was with a few men trying to figure out what was going on and catch up with them when we realised that it was actually a full invasion. We tracked back to the cathedral to protect the king only to found the place completely surrounded and most of my troops were engaged in battle or already slaughtered. The few men remaining, I gathered in a large open space under the cathedral to try to create a choking point and decimate the enemy. Except that their archers were pretty good and there was no holding the place. They'd already broken through on the other side and had entered the cathedral and all we could do was get out of there and try to help as many citizens escape the city.

Which we did, we joined a group of refuges and escorted them out of the city, but the enemy troops were starting to get through here as well. There were troops ahead of us and troops behind. So the only way was taking a secret path down the cliffs to the ocean side and hope to find ships there to escape. There were hundreds of other refugees heading that way and the enemy had picked up on the trail and were already killing off anyone who had been lagging behind.

Luckily there were a lot of ships at the docks and I split up my men, putting groups of civilians and a few soldiers on the ships. The enemy was closing in on us and we just in time left the docs, moving through the narrow straits towards the sea and under the bridges. For some reason they just let us pass and didn't try sinking the ships so we made it out to the islands just off the shore of our country. A lot of refugees had streamed in there, causing a bit of problem on the small island and a rather hostile environment as there simply weren't enough jobs or enough resources to sustain the civilians and the refugees, despite them being their own countrymen. I don't think the enemy actually bothered to take in the island, so it was still under our control, only with no real leader anymore to rule. Which pretty much meant that the soldiers in charge of the troops had everything to say.

Some of my group split up, but a few of us stayed together. There was this girl I really liked and was falling in love with. She managed to get a job and we all had to live off what she brought in while trying to keep out of sight of the guards who tended to pick on whoever they wanted. I told her about my feelings, well actually, I just kissed her and things were at least becoming bearable when a group of soldiers made it to our part of town. They were looking for trouble and we were trying to keep our heads down, escape their notice. Of course, they notice her because she's gorgeous and there wasn't anything I could do. They raped her and then left her for dead, she was injured so badly and I held her, trying to get her to stay awake until help came, but she died in my arms.

I was so pissed. The next thing I know, I've got a horse and a sword (probably knocked out a soldier) and I'm going at the leader of the troops there. I even know the guy, he's a former student who I taught to fight and be a knight. I'm so pissed off, so furious and I'm outnumbered, but I don't care because she's dead and it's his fault so I just attack. Of course, all his men jump on me and I kind of get killed right then and there...

*flails and uses icon that could have been from the dream*


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