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So I've been rereading the manga and I just got to the Mustang vs Lust scene and WOW. Just WOW. Arakawa knew exactly what she was doing from the start, it's amazing. Right before Lust dies, she says something to Roy that seems common enough for a dying villain who still thinks the good guys are going to lose. Now with the latest chapters, it suddenly gets a whole different meaning. She frigging foreshadowed Roy's blindness even then in Chapter 39.

"You won. I hate to lose, but if I must die, I'm glad it's at the hands of a man like you. Those eyes, so clear and focused, I love them. I look forward to seeing those eyes become clouded from suffering.

It's *right* there. As is everything else, it seems. Right after Lust is defeated, Wrath goes to Father and he gets questioned as to why he didn't kill them. Wrath points out that Roy's greatest strength and weakness is his 'kind heart'. He's convinced he can use to have Roy open the gate for them. He'll strip Roy of all his power and after seeing both Roy and Hawkeye fight for each other, he knows she's the link to get Roy to do what they want too. Sure, they'll fail in that regard but only because of the journey they all travelled.

I love this manga so, so much. I can't believe that she planned all this from the start. Granted, I'm basing myself on a translation and it might just be coincidence, but even then the main storyline of the series is right there from the start. It all falls together so beautifully and for a series that's been ongoing since 2001? Yeah, Arakawa PWNS.


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