Nov. 16th, 2010

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Look at me, I'm still alive. Not that I have anything particularly interesting to say which is my main problem it would seem when it comes to posting to this. I keep thinking I should do better, but I can't seem to actually manage it. *sighs*

Work is still work. Sometimes way too busy, sometimes way too slow. I don't have a whole lot of actual working days left this year. Next week I have 4 days of course (LARPing, in a manner) and then in December I have a scary ass guerilla course coming up. From 9:00-21:00. Hold me.

After that? Vacation for the rest of the week. Tickets to North Carolina are booked to visit my sister. Tickets for a five day minute trip to Boulder are booked as well. I just need to get off my ass and find a hotel. Oops?

Fandom High is eating my brain a bit more again recently. I have two active students at the moment who are both fun and easy to play. Well okay, so Faramir gets all wordy and needs some thought but for a Tolkien character he comes a lot more easily to me than I had ever dared to dream. Yes yes, I'm playing a Tolkien character. I still think he isn't an awesome writer but somewhere there in RotK he won me over. I'm now reading my way through The Silmarillion and it's a whole lot of fun to see how everything came to be.

I actually have been writing fic when I went through my Inception craze. They're three long fics and need to get betaed, but oh boy. How does this all go again?

And other than that? Games. I have been moving from one game to the other lately. Dragon Age: Origins, Starcraft II, Mass Effect, Mass Effect II and now I have The Witcher in my possession. I'm trying to hold off on starting that, though, and restarted a DA:O campaign because I am weak and got the Ultimate Edition. To my surprise, Leliana's Song is more interesting than the Morrigan DLC.

And now I'll stop boring you all. Really, isn't it much better if I remain uninteresting and shut up? If not, I have been more active on twitter (SheGoesOn) and tumblr (in case you don't mind getting spammed with LotR, FMA, Richard Armitage and pretty places).


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